Top 5 Things I Like About InMotion Hosting


If you’re familiar with our website, you know that we consider InMotion Hosting one of the best web hosting options available. I’ve personally been using InMotion for about 7 years now and am still constantly impressed by their professionalism and dedication to providing quality web hosting.

While there is a huge list of reasons why I feel that InMotion is a top web hosting company, in this video I go over 5 of the absolute best things I like about InMotion Hosting. Here is a brief summary of the topics we discuss in the latest video we’ve posted.

1. Max Speed Zone Technology
InMotion’s Max Speed Zone Technology is definitely one of the best benefits of their web hosting plans. With InMotion Hosting’s multiple data centers and max speed zone technology, you can enjoy faster website speeds and increased performance.

2. Top Quality Hardware
I’ve visited InMotion’s data center in Los Angeles, CA, on multiple occasions, and have seen first-hand the quality Shared, VPS, and Dedicated servers currently in use as well as some of the newer machines being rolled out. InMotion is also constantly upgrading their network and other data center equipment.

3. AMP Interface and cPanel
The combination of InMotion Hosting’s Account Management Panel and cPanel give you quick and easy access to both your web hosting account functions and all of features you need to create and maintain your site.

4. Free Backup and Restore
One of the things I always recommend prospective web hosting buyers be aware of is exactly what the data backup and restore policies are with the web hosting company you’re considering. InMotion provides both free backups and restore.

5. Customer Support
I would definitely give InMotion Hosting’s customer support very high marks. The support staff provides courteous, responsive, and helpful solutions to any issues or questions I have.

Please watch my InMotion Hosting Review Video above for complete details.

Click here for more information on InMotion Hosting’s features.


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