Pressable Review (2023)

Pressable Review

If you’re looking for Pressable Reviews, here is my personal experience with their Managed WordPress Hosting. Founded in 2010, Pressable has quickly become one of the more impressive managed WordPress hosts. In my Pressable Review, we’ll take a look at setting up a new WordPress site and what features you get.

Pressable Hosting Plans

Pressable Hosting Pricing

Pressable has the widest selection of managed WordPress hosting plans that I’m aware of. No matter how many websites you need hosted or how many resources, you’ll be able to find it with pressable. And they also offer custom plans.

Entry Plan – For Single Website Hosting
Personal Plan – Allows You More Storage and Website Traffic
Starter Plan – Allows You to Host up to 3 Websites
Pro Plan – Allows You to Host up to 10 Websites
Premium Plan – Allows up to 20 Websites
Business Plan – Allows up to 50 Websites
Business 80 Plan – Allows up to 80 Websites
Business 100 Plan – Allows up to100 Websites
Business 120 Plan – Allows up to 120 Websites
Business 150 Plan – Allows up to 150 Websites
Custom solution plans are also available at Pressable.

Pressable Hosting Features

Pressable’s Managed WordPress Hosting plans are packed with impressive features. When combined with the number of websites you can create with each plan, you get a lot of value with each hosting plan. Among the features included with your Pressable hosting plan are:

  • Optimized WordPress and WooCommerce
  • 100% Uptime Guarantee
  • Automatic Server Failover
  • 24/7 Online Support
  • Performance Monitoring and Optimization
  • Daily Backups
  • Free SSL Certificates
  • Managed WordPress Updates
  • Hack Recovery Assistance
  • Malware Scanning and Threat Monitoring
  • Website Staging
  • Free WordPress Training
  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee

Website Provisioning Time

As soon as you sign up on the Pressable website, you’re immediately taken to your account dashboard control panel where you can add your new website.

Pressable Control Panel Add Site

I really like how they’ve streamlined the process of adding new sites. You can easily select your PHP version and datacenter location at the same time. Pressable’s website provision time is excellent. My site was ready within a minute

Pressable Website Ready

Pressable’s Control Panel

Pressable has done a great job with their control panel. It’s very easy to use and makes tasks like adding new sites super-easy. Unlike some other control panels, Pressbable has made it really easy to find all the features you need such as accessing your data backups, phpMyAdmin, and your WordPress admin. You also get quick and easy access to website performance data.

Control Panel Site Information

Website Speed and Performance

In my testing and experience, the website speed and performance you get with Pressable is outstanding. Their performance optimized WordPress environment provides very impressive results. And, Pressable also offers a 100% uptime guarantee.

Here are some of our speed test results for Pressable in both the US and Canada:

Pressable Speed Test Results USA
Pressable Speed Test USA
Pressable Speed Test Results CAN
Pressable Speed Test Canada

And remember, with Pressable you can choose your data center location:
Los Angeles, CA
Dallas, TX
Ashburn, VA
Amsterdam, NL

Automatic Website Backups

With Pressable, you get automatic data backups plus the ability for more backup and restore services via JetPack.

You can easily access your automatic backups from the Pressable control panel. You also have the option to perform restores from here as well. File system and database backups are stored separately for you to choose.

Currently, you can access data backups from the previous 16 days. I would prefer having at least the last 30 backups available (as some other hosts provide), and I would also like it if Pressable would include an on-demand backup option from within the control panel. Hopefully, these items will be added in the future. However, remember that you do also get JetPack for more data backup options.

Pressable’s Website Staging

Quite honestly, website staging is my least favorite part of Pressable’s web hosting. Currently, there isn’t a way to simply make a copy of your live website into a staging site, make changes, and then copy it back to your live site.

With Pressable, you’ll need to make a clone copy of your live website, make your updates and edits, convert your clone/staging copy to a different new live site, and then switch your domain from your old live site to the new live website. That’s a bit too much work in my opinion. Hopefully, Pressable will better streamline their website staging process in the near future.

Pressable Website Security

When it comes to website security, Pressable does shine. Along with their malware scanning and threat monitoring, they also provide hack recovery assistance. And, you get free Let’s Encrypt SSL certificates. Pressable’s Auto SSL is one of the best I’ve experienced.

Customer Support

Pressable offers 24/7 live chat support. The initial response is an automated bot chat interface. The stated live response time is within 5 minutes. For me, it’s usually been only about 1 or 2 minutes before a live support agent is on board.

Pressable Live Chat Support

Overall, the Pressable support team does a good job and has been able to answer all my questions when I’ve needed help.


Pressable has continued to improve their WordPress hosting solutions and is a great choice if you need faster performing WordPress sites. Website provisioning time is excellent, their control panel interface is very easy to use, and you get great security features.

The one area where we would like to see improvements is with their website staging process. If you use staging a lot, then it could be an issue. Otherwise, Pressable is perfectly suited for all types of WordPress websites.

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Pressable Review Ratings

Features - 94%
Speed and Performance - 100%
Customer Support - 95%
Value - 97%


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