Nexcess WooCommerce Hosting Review

Nexcess WooCommerce Hosting Review

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Is Nexcess’s managed WooCommerce hosting worth the price? Here in my Nexcess WooCommerce Hosting Review, let’s take a look at exactly what you get and how your WooCommerce website can benefit from this new platform.

With online selling continuing to grow in popularity, the demand for eCommerce websites remains high. And while Shopify and Wix are two eCommerce website options that many people are aware of, WooCommerce is actually the most popular platform for online selling today—no doubt due to it being built on top of WordPress (the most popular website platform on the web).

If you’re a WordPress user or are even remotely familiar with WordPress, then WooCommerce should be your number one choice for your eCommerce website.

Advantages of WooCommerce

  • Built on WordPress
  • Simplifies the eCommerce Website Creation Process
  • Easy Installation
  • Easy to Find Additional Assistance

Not only is WooCommerce easy to install and use, but because it’s built on top of WordPress, you also get the advantages of the most popular platform on the web. And because of the popularity of WordPress and WooCommerce, it’s much easier to find help from developers or agencies if you need it.

One of the best things about WooCommerce is that you can start up your online store with no additional costs (besides your web hosting). While there are some premium extensions and themes you can purchase to enhance your site even more, you can start your basic online store for free (plus your hosting).

WooCommerce Issues

  • Performance Can Vary Greatly Depending on Host
  • Native WooCommerce Can Be Slow
  • Native WooCommerce Reporting May be Lacking in Data or Slow Down Your Website

While WooCommerce provides many benefits to eCommerce website owners, it isn’t perfect out of the box. In fact, native WooCommerce can be slow, causing your site to take excessive time to load. Also, the native reporting in WooCommerce doesn’t contain a lot of data, and it can cause your site to run even more slowly.

What are the Benefits of Nexcess Managed WooCommerce Hosting?

  • Totally Focused on Building the Best Managed WooCommerce Hosting Platform
  • Optimized for Better Speed (50% or More Faster)
  • Includes for Better Reporting and Auto-Segmentation
  • Includes Jilt to Resolve Abandoned Cart Situations
  • Free Demo and 15 Day Performance Challenge Available

Although you can find many managed WordPress hosting plans these days, Nexcess is the first web host to deliver a premium Managed WooCommerce Hosting solution. Just as with their managed WordPress platform, Nexcess has set out to provide the best WooCommerce hosting experience for their customers with the best features and website performance.

Chris Lema on Nexcess WooCommerce Hosting Product

Nexcess is now part of Liquid Web (the company that specializes in premium hosting for mission-critical applications). When I spoke with Chris Lema, VP of Products at Liquid Web/Nexcess, he was very excited about their Managed WooCommerce Hosting plans. Chris was responsible for putting together the team and developing the managed WooCommerce hosting product. Here is the link to my interview here.

Chris talked about the challenges and the goals they had creating this new exciting platform. “It’s a focus on how do we build the best and the new definition of what managed WooCommerce hosting looks like,” he explained. And he also pointed out the advantages Nexcess’ WooCommerce hosting provides by solving the biggest issues that come with using WooCommerce out of the box. “…speed and reporting were the first two big ones we tackled. And then we layered on abandoned cart, so we did a partnership with Jilt…”

As you can see from the benefits listed above, with Nexcess, your WooCommerce site is optimized for better speed, provides better reporting, and is better able to resolve abandoned cart customer situations.

Nexcess Web WooCommerce Hosting Plans

Nexcess WooCommerce Hosting Plans

As you can see above, Nexcess provides a Managed WooCommerce Hosting plan for all levels of online store owners. The Starter Plan is great for beginners starting out with their first Ecommerce site. Then, depending on whether you need hosting for more online stores or advanced features, you can opt for one of their other WooCommerce plans.

Currently, pricing is as follows:
Starter Plan $9.50 mo.
Creator Plan $39.50 mo.
Merchant Plan $74.50 mo.
Standard Plan $149.50 mo.
Growth Plan $274.50 mo.
Enterprise Plan $499.50 mo.

While all of the Nexcess WooCommerce Hosting plans are loaded with premium features, a few items such as Custom Order Tables and Glew Reporting do require that you purchase one of the upper-tier plans.

Nexcess Managed WooCommerce Features

Here’s a more detailed listing of everything you get with Nexcess’ Managed WooCommerce Hosting plans.

  • Over 1000 eCommerce Themes Available
  • Beaver Builder WordPress Page Builder
  • You Can Include Unlimited Amount of Products and Pages
  • Custom Product Tabs for Additional Information
  • Ability to Protect and Limit Digital Downloads
  • Sell Variable Products such as Clothing
  • Ability to Sell Physical, Virtual, and External Products
  • Schedule Special Pricing and Sales Promotions
  • Create Unlimited Amount of Photo Galleries
  • Automatic Generation of Product Thumbnail Images
  • Automatic Compression of Images
  • Ability to Zoom In on Product Photos
  • Automatic Resizing of Resources to Dynamically Add More CPU, RAM, and Disk Space When Needed
  • Stores Monitored 24 Hours a Day

Sales Performance Monitor

Nexcess is also continually adding to their managed WooCommerce hosting plans. Now, with all of Nexcess’ WooCommerce hosting plans, you get their Sales Performance Monitor. It’s an outstanding feature that alerts online store owners when there are possible abnormalities resulting in disappearing or slower sales.

The Sales Performance Monitor runs in the background and detects issues based on sales trends. No configuration is required. Alerts are automatically sent to your WooCommerce inbox and emails are sent to your store’s admin.

Free Demo and 15 Day Performance Challenge

If you currently already have a WooCommerce site, here’s the best news. You can actually see Nexcess Managed WooCommerce Hosting in action by scheduling a free demo online. Or, even better, you can actually see the improvement to your website that Nexcess can provide by signing up for their 15 Day Performance Challenge.

With the 15 Day Performance Challenge, Nexcess will make a copy of your WooCommerce website and put it on their platform. Don’t worry–it’s not a functioning store and will not deter traffic away from your live site. Their team will then go and do a series of optimizations, tracking the performance difference at each step. Within 15 days, they will schedule a meeting to show you the results. According to Liquid Web/Nexcess VP of Products, Chris Lema, they have done hundreds of performance challenges, and in every case site speed has improved by a minimum of 50%!


Nexcess has definitely created a highly impressive Managed WooCommerce Hosting platform. Just as they have taken Managed WordPress Hosting to a new level, their WooCommerce hosting plans now set the standard for premium eCommerce hosting for WooCommerce sites.

What I also like is that Nexcess now offers a Managed WooCommerce Hosting plan for every level of online store. Whether you’re just starting out with a new Ecommerce website, all the way up to an enterprise level online shopping experience, Nexcess provides a WooCommerce hosting plan that is the perfect fit.

If you’re already established with a WooCommerce site, but you’re looking to improve your website performance, then I would strongly recommend you check out Nexcess by arranging for a demo online and signing up for their 15 Day Performance Challenge to see just how much they can improve your WooCommerce website experience.

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Nexcess Review Ratings

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