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Once you purchase your web hosting and start going about the process of building and growing your website, you’ll find yourself spending quite a bit of time working in your web hosting control panel. Your control panel is the place where you can install applications, set up email accounts and domains, backup your data, access your hosting account information, as well as many other website related tasks.

You basically have three choices when it comes to web hosting control panels: cPanel, a similar graphical interface, or a text based control panel. cPanel is our favorite web hosting control panel interface. And because of its popularity, more and more web hosts are including cPanel with their hosting plans. Here, let’s take a closer look at the best cPanel hosting options.

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 Web HostPriceBBB Rating
InMotion HostingInMotion Hosting$2.29 mo.A+
GreenGeeks cPanel HostingGreenGeeks$2.95 mo.A
bluehostBluehost$2.95 mo.A+
a2-hosting-cpanelA2 Hosting$2.99 mo.A+

What is cPanel?

cPanel is your control panel interface where you can access features for your web files, email, databases, software applications, and more. Your cPanel screen will also provide you with important details about your web hosting account (IP address, domain and subdomain usage, email accounts, etc.)

Why We Like cPanel

With cPanel, you get a graphical based interface that lets you easily access your website functions. The graphics and grouping of functions is very intuitive and makes working with your website easier. And, cPanel gives you access to some great website applications and functionality.

For example:

File Manager
cPanel File Manager
With the File Manager, you can easily access and work with your website’s files. Whether you need to upload, download, edit, or delete files, File Manager lets you perform all of these tasks. You can also create compressed archives of your files for backup.

cPanel Webalizer
cPanel usually provides you with multiple ways of accessing and viewing your web stats. I like using Webalizer the best. With Webalizer, you get nice graphical and statistical representations of your website’s data.

cPanel phpMyAdmin
If you use a content management system for your website, such as WordPress or Joomla, you’ll often need to access your databases. phpMyAdmin allows you to access your MySQL databases. You can use phpMyAdmin to export and import databases in addition to performing database queries.

cPanel Email
When you need to create email accounts or perform other email functions, you can get quick access via the icons in the Email grouping in cPanel. Here, you can also launch SpamAssassin to reduce the amount of unwanted emails cluttering up your inbox.

Softaculous Applications
One of the best features of cPanel is the inclusion of Softaculous. Softaculous gives you one-click installation capability for up to hundreds of software applications for your website. With Softaculous, you can install WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, eCommerce applications, and a bunch more web applications.

cPanel Security Tools

Are you looking for some extra protection for your website? If you have a cPanel web hosting plan, there are a number of tools available to you for securing your site and online presence. If your web hosting company does not use cPanel, you probably still have these types of tools available; you’ll just need to access them in a different manner. If you do have cPanel, when you login you can scroll down to the Security section to access these tools.
cPanel Security

Password Protect Directories
To restrict certain areas of your website, you can use Password Protect Directories to require a username and password to access a certain folder from the web. Any subdirectories within that folder will also require the username and password.
cPanel Password Protect Directories

IP Deny Manager
If you want to prevent a certain visitor from accessing your site, you can enter their IP address in the IP Deny Manager to block access. You can block a specific IP address as well as a range of addresses. I’ve used this tool to successfully block out certain unwanted visitors. But keep in mind that someone could still use a proxy IP to try and get in.
cPanel IP Deny

Hotlink Protection
Sometimes people will try to steal your bandwidth by linking to the images on your website and displaying them elsewhere. With Hotlink Protection, you can block direct access to certain types of files (jpeg, gif, png, bmp). And you can also redirect these requests to a URL of your choice.
cPanel Hotlink Protection

Leech Protect
If you’ve password protected a certain area of your website, Leech Protect can prevent multiple logins from the same password. So, if someone has given out the password to others or it has been compromised, cPanel will disable the account and notify you via email.
cPanel Leech Protect

GnuPG Keys
You can use GnuPG Keys to encrypt messages using a public and private key.
cPanel GnuPG Keys

cPanel Hosting Recommendations

Our cPanel hosting recommendations are based on a combination of the web hosting company’s implementation of cPanel and their overall web hosting performance. Most hosting companies will customize cPanel somewhat, and we like all of the following web host’s implementations of it.

InMotion Hosting

InMotion Hosting is again on our list of best cPanel web hosting providers. With InMotion, you can access cPanel through their Account Management Panel (AMP). InMotion’s cPanel displays your website data on the left column and your function icons on the right. I really like that they include a direct link to their support center and live chat at the very top of their cPanel. It makes it very convenient should you need assistance.

Along with their handy cPanel implementation, InMotion Hosting provides outstanding web hosting. I’ve enjoyed excellent website performance together with their top notch customer support. Your web hosting plan at InMotion includes their top quality business hardware including solid state drives, Max Speed Zone Technology for faster website performance, a full 90 day money back guarantee, and many more business hosting features.

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While GreenGeeks may be primarily known as the most eco-friendly web host, they’re not only great for green web hosting, but they’re also one of the best cPanel hosting providers. GreenGeeks Account Manager Dashboard offers super quick and easy access to your cPanel.

And GreenGeeks cPanel interface not only provides easy access to your website functionality, you can also easily access the Sitepad website builder themes.

GreenGeeks cPanel also gives you access to easy one-click installation for apps like WordPress, Joomla, PrestaShop, etc. All of GreenGeeks’ cPanel hosting plans provide unlimited disk space and bandwidth. And, you can host an unlimited amount of websites. You also get a free domain, free Wildcard SSL, and free Cloudflare CDN. What’s also great about GreenGeeks is that you can choose a low cost starter plan at only $2.95 mo., or you can opt for the Pro or Premium level hosting plans that include GreenGeeks PowerCacher technology and faster computing resources to really speed up your websites.

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Bluehost offers quality shared hosting among their many services. And, Bluehost is another top web hosting company that utilizes cPanel. In addition to their customized cPanel, with Bluehost you also get a customized WordPress dashboard. In fact, Bluehost is one of the best choices for new WordPress users as they also provide guided help in creating your first WordPress site as well as links to all of your important WordPress functionality.

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A2 Hosting

A2 Hosting is definitely one of the best choices for cPanel Hosting. With their cPanel interface, you can easily access the outstanding features that are included with your A2 Hosting plan. From A2 Hosting’s cPanel, you get one-click access to A2 Optimized Configuration, Server Rewind Backups, Cloudflare CDN, as well as all the other standard functions that come with cPanel. You can access your A2 Hosting cPanel separately, or from your A2 Hosting client area.

Speeding up your website is also made easier with quick access to Cloudflare and the A2 Optimization page.

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cPanel Hosting Comparison

cPanel continues to be my preferred web hosting interface and I would definitely recommend you consider a cPanel hosting plan.

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