Rocket Hosting Review is a premium WordPress Hosting provider that offers specific managed hosting plan solutions for individual websites, WordPress agencies, and enterprise level sites. But, are they really one of the better choices for managed WordPress hosting? And, is worth the price? Let’s take a detailed look here in my Review. Background

Founded in 2020, is one of the newer entrants in the crowded WordPress Hosting field. However, they state that they are “fanatical” with performance and security and “obsessed” with customer satisfaction. So, I was definitely interested to test them out to see just how good they are. Hosting Plans

Rocket Hosting Plans has separate hosting packages for Managed Hosting, Agency Hosting, and Enterprise Hosting. Managed Hosting is suitable for individual or small business sites. Agency Hosting plans provide increased installs and features for client’s websites. And, the Enterprise Hosting plans are designed for higher traffic volume websites.

All plans come with an impressive 99.99% uptime guarantee. And, there is a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee on Managed and Agency hosting. prominently states on their website that they pledge to do things differently with 100% transparent pricing and no hidden upsells or renewal price increases.

*Prices listed for Managed Hosting and Agency Hosting are with annual plans. Hosting Features

As I mentioned above, Rocket’s core values and goals are to separate themselves from the competition by providing faster performing managed servers and industry leading customer support. And, going over the contents of their hosting plans, does include some of the most impressive managed WordPress Hosting features that you’ll find in a hosting plan.

  • Enterprise Grade Servers
  • Free Enterprise Edge CDN
  • Free SSL
  • Image Optimization
  • 99.99% Uptime Guarantee
  • Data Centers in North America, Europe, Asia, and Australia
  • User-Friendly Control Panel
  • One-Click Website Staging
  • Real-Time Scanning and Security Patching
  • Automatic Daily Backups
  • WordPress Activity Logging
  • No Price Increases on Renewals
  • No Hidden Upsells Signup and Website Propagation

Getting started with is extremely quick and easy. After signing up for your account, you get one-click WordPress website creation. In fact, has the fastest WordPress website propagation that I’ve experienced. The only area where you may require assistance is connecting an existing domain to your new website. However, customer support can quickly assist you to setup your DNS properly. User Dashboard

Rocket Dashboard has done a great job with their dashboard interface. The layout is very clean, simple, and easy to use. And, I like how they have incorporated a mixture of graphical and text elements that allow you to access and work with your websites.

You can quickly access any needed functionality such as file management, data backups, staging, security, reporting, etc. You can also quickly access the admin backend side of your websites. Plus, you can easily contact customer support via the live chat box in the lower right corner of the dashboard.

The Rocket dashboard is definitely a winner!

Website Speed and Performance

Website speed and performance with is simply outstanding. I am thoroughly impressed with our speed and performance testing results. Every managed WordPress Hosting company claims to be faster than the others, but Rocket’s edge-first network with enterprise grade servers really does deliver lighting fast WordPress websites.

Here are some of our sample test results:

Rocket Speed and Performance

Website Security

When it comes to website security, we found Rocket’s enterprise level protection to be top notch. The full-stack WordPress security and website application firewall are impressive, as is the real-time scanning and protection that they provide. You can take a look at Rocket’s security in action by clicking the Reporting option in your dashboard.

Rocket Security

Automatic Data Backup

With, you get both automatic daily backups and the ability to perform your own manual backups at any time. Your backup data is easily accessible from your dashboard. You can perform a complete restore, or choose to restore only certain parts (plugins, themes, files, or database).

Rocket Data Backup

Automatic Data Backups are kept for 14 days. You can perform as many Manual Backups as you want, as long as you have enough disk space on your account. However, keep in mind that Manual Backups are normally deleted after 24 hours.

I would prefer that automated backups were kept available for 28 to 30 days, although 14 days is usually sufficient. Also, you can’t download the daily automated backups. So, if you want to download a copy of your site, you’ll have to first perform a manual backup and download that copy. Again, not a huge deal, but it would be nice to have the option to download form the automated backups as well.

Overall however, the data backup features work very well.

Website Staging

The website staging functionality you get with is excellent. From your user dashboard, it’s very easy to create a staging site, make your changes, and then publish them to your production website. has done a great job here. Customer Support

Rocket Customer Support also gets very high marks for their customer support. Their live chat response time is outstanding. Not only is the support team knowledgeable and friendly, but their in-chat response time is the best I’ve ever experienced. As soon as I entered a question or comment, I got an immediate response. There is no delay having to wait several minutes for feedback.

Customer support is another area where has definitely succeeded with their goal of setting the highest standards.

How Does Compare with Other Web Hosts? vs Bluehost
In this comparison of vs Bluehost, we have the impressive, but relatively new Rocket and one of the most well-known web hosts in Bluehost… vs Cloudways
In this comparison of vs Cloudways, we have two hosting providers that are focused on providing the best premium hosting experience for their customers. Both and Cloudways are better… vs Kinsta
Because there are many similarities between these two hosts, it should be a pretty straight forward matchup where you’ll be able to determine which WordPress host is the better choice for your situation… vs SiteGround
It’s an interesting matchup as Rocket focuses more on premium, higher end hosting solutions, while SiteGround is positioned as a more budget-friendly WordPress solution… vs WP Engine
In this comparison of vs WP Engine, we have one of the relatively new managed WordPress hosts against the long time industry standard for managed WordPress Hosting… vs WPX Hosting
Both of these WordPress Hosting providers deliver outstanding website speed and performance. But, speed isn’t the only factor to consider when choosing a managed hosting provider…

Recommendation – Is WordPress Hosting Worth It? definitely belongs on the list of the very top premium Managed WordPress Hosting providers. While many hosting companies strive to be different and better than the competition, our experience with Rocket confirms that they have succeeded in providing some of the best WordPress Hosting with premium features, lightning fast website speeds, ultra-responsive customer support, and a very impressive and easy to use dashboard. is not cheap however, so we would recommend them primarily for critical business websites, enterprise applications, and agencies. For those customers, is both recommended and worth the hosting price.

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Features - 99%
Speed and Performance - 100%
Customer Support - 100%
Value - 96%


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Rocket Hosting

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