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If you’re looking for honest InMotion Hosting Reviews, I encourage you to read my review based on my personal experiences. InMotion Hosting has now added a bunch of new features that make their business hosting plans even more impressive. Now, with their shared hosting plans, you also get the following:

  • Solid State Drives (SSDs)
  • Secure Remote Server Access via Command Line (SSH)
  • Host Unlimited Number of Sites (Pro Plan)
  • Pre-Installation of WordPress, Joomla, or PrestaShop
  • Free Website Transfers
  • Safe Application Rollback
  • WP-CLI Available for Use with SSH
  • Ruby on Rails Support
  • Choice of MySQL or PostgreSQL Databases
  • New Pro Plan SLA
  • Google Apps Integration Made Easier

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I have been using InMotion Hosting for almost 10 years now. Since day one, I’ve been completed satisfied with their service and continue to be impressed with their web hosting for my sites. If you are currently looking to get a website going, then InMotion is definitely worth your consideration. And, if you need hosting for your business web site, InMotion Hosting can really be a great choice. Their business hosting plans offer all the features you need combined with great customer support. Here is more detailed information to help you decide if InMotion is right for you:

Great User Interface and Easy Software Installation

InMotion Hosting uses the cPanel interface—by far the best to use. In addition, they use the Softaculous software application installer. So whether you need WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, or another application for your website, you get easy, hassle-free installs. In fact, with InMotion you get over 400 applications.



InMotion Hosting’s Speed and Reliability is Great

InMotion’s network speed and reliability have been excellent. Their Max Speed Zone technology allows you to use their multiple data centers for optimum speed. And their 99.9% uptime network keeps your site up and running smoothly. We have not had any server issues or problems. Below is a look at our error log which is clean:


Real Backup and Restore Services Provided

One of the best features of InMotion’s hosting package is that they give you legitimate backup and restore services. Other hosting companies claim to back up your data, but they then charge you to restore it! InMotion not only gives you automatic backups, they also will restore your data free once every four months. I’ve taken advantage of this feature and I’m sure glad they offer it!


InMotion’s Support is Excellent

InMotion Hosting’s customer support is also outstanding. On those few occasions where we’ve had to contact them, the response time has been great and their support staff is very courteous and thorough. In particular, their chat support is the best we’ve encountered. Below is a sample of a recent chat support session I had with Jason of Tech Support:

Michael: Hi Jason
Michael: I need to have my web stats manually updated. Can you help me out?
Jason A.: Sure thing. I’ll run them for you.
Michael: Thanks!
Jason A.: Which domain did you need them updated for?
[I specified the domain names here] Jason A.: Gotcha. Give it 15-30 minutes to update and you should be good to go.
Michael: Great! Thanks for your help Jason!
Jason A.: Sure thing.
Jason A.: Thank you for contacting us! If you have any questions we are open 24/7. Call, chat, or e-mail any time.
I would appreciate any feedback you might have, positive or negative.
Jason A.: Thank you for your chat. Feel free to contact us again.

If you need web hosting for your business site, InMotion Hosting is highly recommended.

InMotion Hosting Data Center

On the hardware and network side of things, InMotion Hosting has proven to me that they are committed to providing the best specs and speeds possible. I was allowed to tour the InMotion Data Center in Los Angeles, CA, and saw firsthand how everything works.

Going behind the scenes at their facility, I was able to confirm their commitment to Data Center Security, Top End Hardware, and outstanding Data Protection and Network Availability. See my blog article for my complete review of the InMotion Data Center.
InMotion Hosting Data Center Servers

In 2015, InMotion Hosting made even more upgrades to their data center including DDoS protection, fiber optic cabling systems, and solid state drives in their servers.
InMotion Hosting Data Center 2015

Here is an example of how my website speed has increased after switching to an InMotion Hosting SSD server:

Without SSD:
Website Speed Without SSD
With SSD:
Website Speed With SSD

More Improvements on the Way

In talking with Will Miles, Data Center Operations Supervisor, I’ve learned that InMotion Hosting will be continuing to expand and make improvements to their infrastructure. In addition to new racks and servers, they are now including SSDs in their Dedicated Servers. That means whether you go with Shared Hosting, VPS Hosting, or Dedicated Hosting at InMotion, you’ll be able to benefit from increased speeds with solid state drives.

InMotion Hosting’s Core Values

I really believe one of the main reasons I’ve enjoyed such great success with InMotion Hosting is their set of core values. When I spoke with InMotion’s Co-Founder Sunil Saxena, he mentioned how everyone in the organization (from himself on down) adheres to and lives by these values. The bottom line for them is that when their customers are successful, they are successful!

Free SSL Certificates

Another great benefit you get from InMotion Hosting is free SSL–not just any free SSL, these are free SSL certificates powered by Comodo and cPanel. These days, SSL/TLS is a must for your websites, whether you have a blog or an eCommerce site. Unlike some other free SSL options, the SSL certificates you get at InMotion can be used for eCommerce.

You can access your free SSL from the Account Management Panel.

After you click the Manage Free Basic SSL icon, just switch the Enable Free SSL to On. Any of your domains you have setup in cPanel and resolving to your InMotion server will now have SSL!

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