InMotion Hosting Data Center Review 2015

InMotion Hosting Updated Data Center

One of the great benefits you get with InMotion Hosting (in addition to great features and performance) is their continuous efforts to provide the very best hardware and network facilities. I was able to get an up close look during my visit to their data center last year—which you can read about in my previous post. Since that time, InMotion has continued to perform upgrades to both their east and west coast data centers. I was eager to get a firsthand look at these new changes and recently made a return trip to their west coast data center in downtown Los Angeles, CA. Here’s a recap of what I saw there.

Data Center Expansion
First off, InMotion is continuing with their major expansion of the west coast data center. Since my last visit, they have expanded and revamped one side of the floor with new equipment.

DDoS Mitigation System
InMotion Hosting DDoS Protection
Security and speed are two big issues that every web host needs to address for their customers. InMotion Hosting has made two significant upgrades with respect to these items. For improved security, they have implemented their DDoS protection system—which is something that InMotion Hosting Co-Founder Sunil Saxena talked about with us during our interview last month.

Fiber Optic System
InMotion Hosting Fiber Optic Cabling
Throughout the InMotion data center, I was able to see the new fiber optic cabling systems that will allow data transmission speeds of 43 terabytes per second.

Solid State Drives
InMotion Hosting Solid State Drives
The other big upgrade addition, which we’ve written about previously, are the inclusion of solid state drives (SSDs) in InMotion Hosting’s servers. All new customers are hosted on servers with SSDs, and they are continuing with the transition for existing accounts. If you’re currently an InMotion Hosting customer, you can request a change to an SSD server via your Account Management Panel.

Together with their existing features such as Max Speed Zone Technology and outstanding customer support, these new upgrades to their data center are further proof for me that InMotion Hosting remains one of the best choices for web hosting.

InMotion Hosting
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