InMotion Hosting vs Wix (2018) – “What You Should Know!”


How does InMotion Hosting compare with Wix? This comparison between a traditional web hosting plan and a website builder package takes a look at InMotion Hosting’s Business Hosting plan versus Wix’s eCommerce plan.

InMotion Hosting
$3.99 mo. – $13.99 mo.
Unlimited Disk Space
Unlimited Data Transfer
Unlimited Email
Unlimited Databases
Unlimited Websites
Business Class Hardware
Solid State Drives
Max Speed Zone Technology
Free Comodo SSL
Pro Level Support
Malware Protection
Pre-installation of WordPress, Joomla, or PrestaShop
BoldGrid Website Builder
Free Data Backup
400+ Applications Available
$250 Advertising Credits
90 Day Money Back Guarantee
$8.50 mo.
20GB Bandwidth
20GB Storage
Free Domain
Online Store
$300 Ad Vouchers
Form Builder
Site Booster

Advantages and Disadvantages

Advantages of Using InMotion Hosting

  • Unlimited Hosting Features (Storage, Bandwidth, etc.)
  • Includes Unlimited Email
  • Create Multiple Websites
  • Many More Options for Creating your Website
  • More Site Customization Available
  • You can Move your Website if you Want To
  • Max Speed Zone Technology Provides Faster Sites
  • More Value Included with Hosting Plan
  • Includes Phone, Email, and Live Chat Support

Disadvantages of Using InMotion Hosting

  • Requires More Input on your Side

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Advantages of Using Wix

  • Quick and Easy Website Setup
  • Easier eCommerce Website Creation
  • Includes Customized Functionality for Businesses
  • (Photography, Restaurants, Accommodations)
  • Includes Professional Stock Photo Images

Disadvantages of Using Wix

  • You’re Locked into the Wix Ecosystem
  • Not as Many Resources Included
  • Options More Limited
  • Customer Support Access Not as Good


In most cases, we would recommend InMotion Hosting over Wix in this comparison. InMotion is ideal for content management systems such as WordPress. The BoldGrid WordPress website builder that is included with your hosting plan can greatly speed up and simplify the process of creating a great looking WordPress website—rivaling the Wix website process.

Additionally, InMotion is great for many other types of websites (Joomla, Drupal, PrestaShop). The cPanel hosting you get provides over 400 software applications for you to choose from. And, with InMotion Hosting you get email and all of the other features you need to grow your website and online business—everything is included in your base hosting plan.

Wix still does have an advantage in being somewhat quicker and easier to get a website up. However, you do have to pay additional fees for some features such as removing Wix ads from your website. You’re also limited in storage and in some cases bandwidth. And, we hate that Wix doesn’t have live chat support. Finally, there’s the issue of being locked into the Wix ecosystem and not being able to move your site somewhere else.

Unless you’re looking for a simple online brochure type of site that you want to get up as quick as possible, we recommend going with InMotion Hosting over Wix.

See our ratings for InMotion Hosting below:

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2 thoughts on “InMotion Hosting vs Wix (2018) – “What You Should Know!””

  1. Avatar

    Hi, I am in need of advice outside of my circle.
    I have a website where I have some company info and articles on our industry and a shop. We are using inmotion hosting with wordpress. We also have a shopify site associated with it that has a different url that you go to by hitting shop on the main site. Firstly, I think the separate shopify is a bad idea so I am now trying to decide how to move forward. Do I keep the current inmotion with WP and simply build the ecommerce there or do I switch to Wix and do it all there. I appreciate your advice. This has been a tough thing to solve.

    1. Michael James

      Hi Jason!

      I would NOT recommend using Wix for anything these days as their service and support has gone down in my opinion.

      I am curious as to why you feel it’s a bad thing to use both InMotion and Shopify. Makes sense to me as you get both good WordPress hosting with InMotion plus the convenience of the Shopify Ecommerce side. Is it more of a cost issue or you would rather just use one platform for everything?

      You could ditch Shopify and just use InMotion WordPress hosting with WooCommerce for your online store. Probably depends on how large your current store on Shopify is. Alternatively, Shopify also has a blogging engine so you could move your WordPress stuff to Shopify. Again, depends on how much content you already have on your WordPress site.

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