3 Reasons to Choose InMotion Hosting


Reasons to Choose InMotion Hosting

While many web hosting companies are expanding their services or offering new and improved features, don’t forget there are some great existing web hosts with excellent hosting plans for your business or personal websites. InMotion Hosting remains, in my opinion, the best choice for many website owners—especially business sites. I’ve previously posted a review and an in-depth look at InMotion. Here, I thought I’d go over the top three reasons that InMotion Hosting may be the best web hosting solution for you.

1. Max Speed Zone Technology
Website speed and load times are critical to having a successful online presence. InMotion combines multiple data centers with premium bandwidth providers and routing technology resulting in faster sites, downloads, and email. Earlier this year, they upgraded their network for even faster and more reliable performance.

2. Free Data Backup and Restores
Many web hosts claim to offer free data backups, but if you want to get your data restored, they’ll usually charge you an additional fee. InMotion Hosting backs up your data and will restore it for free once every four months. So you can rest assured that if something unforeseen happens to your site and you don’t have a recent copy of your data on hand, InMotion has your back.

3. Outstanding Customer Support
You’ll always have multiple avenues of quality customer support with InMotion Hosting. In addition to phone, chat, and email support, they also have an extensive online support center. I have always found the support people at InMotion to be extremely helpful and courteous. And in the last two web hosting customer support tests I’ve conducted, InMotion has ranked number one in providing the fastest support response times via live chat support.

The above items are only the start of many outstanding benefits that InMotion Hosting provides with their business web hosting plans. I encourage you to check out their website for more details and to take advantage of a 50% discount on their Launch and Power Business Hosting Plans.


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