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Which WordPress host is better? Kinsta or Nexcess? For this comparison of Kinsta vs Nexcess, we’ll take a detailed look at these two quality managed WordPress hosting providers to determine which host is a better fit for your important WordPress websites.

Kinsta vs Nexcess: Differences

Advantages of Choosing Kinsta over Nexcess:

  • More Data Center Locations
  • Edge Caching Technology
  • Kinsta CDN
  • Auto Wildcard SSL Included
  • Manual and System Data Backups Included
  • DevKinsta for Local Development

Advantages of Choosing Nexcess over Kinsta:

  • Lower Cost
  • Faster Website Performance
  • Premium Image Compression
  • iThemes Security
  • More Data Backup Retention Included
  • Superior WooCommerce Hosting

Kinsta vs Nexcess: Details

The Winner

Category KinstaKinsta NexcessNexcess Comments
Setup Winner    
Control Panel   Winner  
Data Centers Winner   Kinsta has data centers in 35 different locations.
Website Speed Winner   See Below
Security Features   Winner Nexcess includes iThemes Security.
Data Backup and Restore   Winner Nexcess allows you to restore your data from the last 30 days of backups.
Automatic Updates Winner Winner Tie
Servers   Winner  
Network   Winner  
WordPress Development Winner    
SSL Winner   Kinsta includes Auto Wildcard SSL.
Resources   Winner  
Staging Winner    
Customer Support Winner    
Money Back Guarantee Winner Winner Tie. Both offer 30 Day Money Back Guarantees.
Price/Value   Winner  

Kinsta vs Nexcess: Features

Kinsta and Nexcess both include all of the premium features you need for effective managed WordPress hosting. There are many similarities and it’s a close call here. However, because of their automatic image compression, along with better data backup features and WooCommerce hosting (all at a lower cost), Nexcess is the winner in the features category.

Kinsta vs Nexcess: Speed and Performance

Website speed and performance is excellent using both Kinsta and Nexcess. I was highly impressed using both of these web hosts. In our comparison testing, while both performed very well and it was extremely close, Kinsta posted slightly faster fully loaded page times as well as a little better structure numbers. However, again it was very close. In this category, Kinsta gets just a slight edge.

Here are some of our sample speed test results:

Kinsta Speed Test Results

Nexcess Speed Test Results

Kinsta vs Nexcess: Website Staging

Website staging is aways a big part of managed WordPress hosting. And while both Kinsta and Nexcess provide effective staging with their hosting plans, I find Kinsta’s staging to be a little easier to use. Using Kinsta’s one-click staging, you can very easily create your staging environment and push your changes back to your live website.

Nexcess’ website staging requires a few more steps. While experienced users probably won’t have any issues with either host, in this category Kinsta is the winner.

Kinsta vs Nexcess: Data Backup

While Kinsta and Nexcess both do a good job with automated daily backups and manual backup functionality, here Nexcess is the winner. Nexcess includes your data backups from the last 30 days for you to restore from. With Kinsta, you are limited to 14 days—though you can purchase more for an extra fee.

Kinsta vs Nexcess: Customer Support

Both Kinsta and Nexcess provide expert WordPress support with their managed hosting. Both offer very responsive support via live chat. I’ve had very positive experiences with both of their support teams. While it’s extremely close here, I will give Kinsta the advantage based on slightly more consistent support that goes the extra step to help you out.


Started Business: 2013
BBB Rating: A
Data Center Location: US, CAN, EUR, ASIA, AUS, South America

Price: $35 mo. – $1650 mo.
Unlimited Bandwidth: No
Unlimited Storage: No
Unlimited Email: No
Host Multiple Domains: Yes (Except Starter Plan)

Hosting Interface: Kinsta Dashboard
Server Uptime: 99.9%
Full Refund Period: 30 Days
Dedicated Hosting Available: Yes

Advantages of Choosing Kinsta:

  • Specialize in Upscale Managed Hosting
  • Choose from 35 Different Data Centers
  • Powered by Google Cloud Platform
  • Automatic Database Optimization
  • Cloudflare Integration Security
  • Performance Monitoring Tool
  • Server-Level Full Page Caching
  • Includes Kinsta CDN
  • Auto Wildcard SSL

Click Here to See More Details on Kinsta


Started Business: 1999
BBB Rating: A+
Data Centers: Lansing, Michigan; Phoenix, AZ; Amsterdam, EUR

Price: $13.30 mo. – $104.30 mo.
Unlimited Bandwidth: No
Unlimited Storage: No
Unlimited Email: Yes
Host Multiple Domains: Yes (Except Spark Plan)

Hosting Interface: Custom
Server Uptime: 100%
Full Refund Period: 30 Days
Dedicated Hosting Available: Yes (Liquid Web)

Advantages of Choosing Nexcess:

  • Specialize in Upscale Managed Hosting
  • Automatic Plugin Updates
  • 100% Uptime Guarantee
  • Auto Image Compression
  • Manage Multiple Sites with iThemes Sync
  • iThemes Security Pro
  • No Pageview Limits
  • Automatic Daily Backups Stored Offsite for 30 Days
  • Full Server Access

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This match of Kinsta vs Nexcess is one of the closest comparisons we’ve had. Both of these WordPress hosts have demonstrated that they are more than capable of hosting mission-critical WordPress websites.

If you specifically need managed WooCommerce hosting, then Nexcess is the better choice. Also, if you need premium managed WordPress hosting at a more affordable price, then I would also recommend Nexcess.

If you have the budget and are looking for more premium features, then I would recommend Kinsta. Also, for WordPress developers and agencies, I would recommend Kinsta.

See our Nexcess Review Ratings below:

Nexcess WordPress Coupon

Nexcess WooCommerce Coupon

Nexcess Review Ratings

Features - 100%
Speed and Performance - 100%
Customer Support - 97%
Value - 99%


Outstanding !


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