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WP Engine and Nexcess are perhaps the two best managed WordPress hosting providers in the industry. In this comparison of WP Engine vs Nexcess, we’ll take a look at the benefits each has to offer and which of these WordPress hosts is the better fit for you.

Nexcess is now a part of Liquid Web. In our previous comparison of WP Engine vs Liquid Web, it was an extremely close call between two of the best managed web hosting providers—with WP Engine coming out on top. Now that Liquid Web has transitioned their WordPress hosting over to the Nexcess platform, let’s see if there is a difference.

Video: WP Engine vs Nexcess

Check out our video for a quick overview of WP Engine vs Liquid Web/Nexcess.

WP Engine vs Nexcess: Differences

Reasons for Choosing WP Engine over Nexcess:

  • Faster Website Speeds with Google Cloud Platform
  • More Responsive Customer Support
  • Includes Free StudioPress Themes
  • Includes Page Performance Tools
  • 60 Day Money Back Guarantee

Reasons for Choosing Nexcess over WP Engine:

  • Includes iThemes Sync
  • No Restrictions on Themes and Plugins
  • Automatic Plugin Testing and Updates
  • No Pageview or Traffic Limits
  • Less Expensive to Host Multiple Websites

WP Engine vs Nexcess Details

The Winner

CategoryWP Enginewp-engineNexcessNexcessComments
Control Panel Winner 
Data CentersWinner WP Engine has data centers in the United States, Canada, Europe, Asia, and Sydney.
Website Speed WinnerSee Below
Security FeaturesWinner WP Engine provides Free SSL, Real Time Threat Detection
Data Backup and RestoreWinnerWinnerTie. Both provide Automated Daily Backups Stored 30 Days, plus Snapshot Capability.
Automatic Updates WinnerWith Nexcess you get Automatic Plugin Updates in addition to WordPress Core.
Servers Winner 
WordPress Development WinnerNexcess includes iThemes Sync for managing multiple sites.
SSLWinnerWinnerTie. Both provide Free Let’s Encrypt SSL.
Resources Winner 
StagingWinner WP Engine offers streamlined website staging. See Below.
Customer SupportWinner See Below
Money Back GuaranteeWinner WP Engine offers a Full 60 Day Money Back Guarantee.
Price/Value Winner 

Website Speed and Performance

When it comes to website speed, WP Engine and Nexcess are two of the very best for managed WordPress sites. Through both my own personal experience and our testing results, these two hosts have provided some of the fastest performing websites that we’ve seen.

Overall, Nexcess had slightly better speed, except in the east, where WP Engine was a little faster. While we’ll give the edge to Nexcess in this category, the difference between the two is not a game changer in our opinion. See our speed testing results below.

WP Engine vs Nexcess Speed Test

Website Staging

While both WP Engine and Nexcess provide full website staging for WordPress sites, we prefer WP Engine. I like the way that both hosts easily allow you to make a copy of your live site and place it in the staging area. However, with WP Engine, you can just as easily copy the changes in your staging copy back into your production live website. In this category, WP Engine is the winner.

Data Backup and Restore

With Nexcess and WP Engine, you get top quality data backup and restore capabilities. Both of these managed WordPress hosts provide daily automatic backup, along with the ability to manually create a backup whenever you need to. Restoring your data is also easy to do. We’ll have to call it a draw here.

Customer Support

WP Engine and Nexcess both have quality customer support teams. With both hosts specializing in WordPress hosting, you get true expert support. So which one is the winner in this category? I’ll have to go with WP Engine here. While both provide excellent response times, WP Engine has more consistently provided helpful, friendly assistance. It’s kind of a close call here, but WP Engine gets the edge when it comes to customer support.

WP Engine
WP Engine

  • Startup ($35 mo.)
    1 Website/10GB Storage
  • Growth ($115 mo.)
    10 Websites/20GB Storage
  • Scale ($290 mo.)
    25 Websites/30GB Storage
  • Premium
    25+ Websites/100-300GB Storage
  • Enterprise
    25+ Websites/400GB – 1TB Storage

Data Centers: U.S., Canada, Europe, Asia, Australia
Free Domain?: No
Money Back Guarantee: 60 Days

Advantages of WP Engine

  • WordPress Hosting Specialist
  • Faster Performance with Google Cloud Platform Virtual Machines.
  • Proprietary EverCache Technology
  • True Staging Environment
  • Automated and Snapshot Data Backups
  • Free StudioPress themes are included with your hosting plan.
  • Transferable Installs and Billing Transfer
  • Page Performance Diagnostics
  • Enterprise Solutions Available
  • Expert WordPress Customer Support

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  • Spark ($19 mo.)
    1 Website/15GB Storage
  • Maker ($79 mo.)
    5 Websites/40GB Storage
  • Designer ($109 mo.)
    10 Websites/60GB Storage
  • Builder ($149 mo.)
    25 Websites/100GB Storage

Data Centers: Lansing, Michigan; Phoenix, AZ; Amsterdam, EUR
Free Domain?:: No
Money Back Guarantee: Pro-Rated

Advantages of Choosing Nexcess:

  • Specialize in Upscale Managed Hosting
  • Automatic Plugin Updates
  • 100% Uptime Guarantee
  • Auto Image Compression
  • Manage Multiple Sites with iThemes Sync
  • iThemes Security Pro
  • No Pageview Limits
  • Automatic Daily Backups Stored Offsite for 30 Days
  • Full Server Access

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When it comes to managed WordPress hosting, WP Engine and Nexcess are definitely two of the best hosting providers I’ve used. Both are equally capable of providing excellent hosting features, website performance, and support.

For WooCommerce hosting, I would recommend Nexcess. For all other WordPress websites, including enterprise level applications, I would choose WP Engine. Therefore, in this ultra-close head-to-head comparison, overall WP Engine is the winner.

See our WP Engine Review Ratings below:

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WP Engine Review Ratings

Features - 100%
Speed and Performance - 100%
Customer Support - 100%
Price/Value - 97%


Outstanding !

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