Nexcess WordPress Hosting Review

Nexcess WordPress Hosting Review

Is Nexcess the right managed WordPress host for you? Here in my Nexcess WordPress Hosting Review, we’ll take a look at what you get with their hosting plans, what advantages they offer over the competition, what type of website performance and customer support is provided, and what website owners and agencies will benefit the most from Nexcess.

Nexcess is now part of Liquid Web—the company that specializes in mission-critical website hosting. Whereas Liquid Web now focuses exclusively on Dedicated Server and VPS Hosting services, Nexcess provides Managed WordPress and WooCommerce Hosting for vital applications. In this review, we’re focusing primarily on Nexcess WordPress hosting. Click here to see my separate review on Nexcess Managed WooCommerce Hosting.

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Nexcess Managed WordPress Hosting Plans

Nexcess WordPress Hosting Plans

Nexcess has a great selection of hosting plans for every budget—whether you need hosting for a single website or you have a WordPress agency. Each Nexcess Managed WordPress Hosting plan is loaded with premium features that provide great value. Above is the current lineup of WordPress hosting plans.

Nexcess Managed WordPress Hosting Features

Premium WordPress hosting features is definitely one of the areas where Nexcess really shines. In fact, I consider their hosting plans to have the best set of features among the top managed WordPress hosting providers. Let’s take a closer look at some of the best features you get.

Nexcess CDN

Nexcess CDN

Nexcess includes their own built-in CDN that allows your websites to load faster. Together with their other performance features, Nexcess offers some of the fastest WordPress website results that I’ve experienced. See the Website Speed and Performance section below for more information.

Nexcess Data Backup

Nexcess Data Backup

You get free automatic daily backups with your Nexcess account, and you can easily access and restore your data from your Nexcess dashboard.

Nexcess SSL

Nexcess SSL

Nexcess includes free Let’s Encrypt SSL which they can automatically install and renew for you.

Nexcess Website Staging

Nexcess Staging

You can easily create a staging site within the Nexcess dashboard. The one-click staging functionality works really well and makes it easy to move changes to your live website.

Nexcess Analytics

Nexcess Analytics

I really like the Nexcess Analytics feature that lets you easily view usage information such as your disk space, bandwidth, CDN, etc.

Website Provision Time

Overall, website provisioning times have improved with Nexcess. The only part of the process that could be improved and streamlined a bit is connecting an existing domain you have somewhere to your new website. However, you can always contact customer support (as I did) if you need assistance and they will help you get set up.

Nexcess Control Panel Dashboard

Nexcess Dashboard

The Nexcess control panel dashboard gives you quick and easy access to your hosting account and website functionality. While experienced users shouldn’t have a problem, beginners may find it difficult to locate certain functions as there are multiple layers of menus on the left navigation panel.

Nexcess Website Speed and Performance

Website Speed and Performance is another area where Nexcess is one of the best choices for WordPress hosting. It starts with their optimized servers. But Nexcess also includes advanced caching, a built-in content delivery network, and premium image compression. As a result, the website speed and page loading times you get with Nexcess are outstanding.

I’ve posted some speed test results for Nexcess elsewhere on our website, but they warrant another look here:

Nexcess Speed Test Results

Nexcess Customer Support

Customer Support response time is excellent at Nexcess and overall, the support team does a very good job in providing help and issue resolutions. The one area I would like to see changed is that often when you ask a question via live chat support, the agent’s first response is to provide a link to a knowledge base page where you can follow steps or find the answer you need. If you need more assistance, you can ask the support tech for help. However, with a managed hosting provider, I would prefer that the support agent actually walk you through or explain the resolution first, then provide a link if you need further assistance.


Nexcess should definitely be on your list if you need managed WordPress hosting for your mission-critical websites. Nexcess is equally suited for individuals as well as WordPress agencies. If premium WordPress hosting features and website speed are your primary concerns, then Nexcess should be your choice.

If you’re a complete beginner, then Nexcess probably isn’t the best hosting choice for you. Otherwise though, Nexcess is an excellent hosting solution for your WordPress and WooCommerce websites.


Nexcess WordPress Coupon

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Nexcess Review Ratings

Features - 100%
Speed and Performance - 100%
Customer Support - 97%
Value - 99%


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