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Is Kinsta or DreamHost better for WordPress hosting? Here in our comparison of Kinsta vs DreamHost, we’ll take a look at two highly regarded web hosts in the WordPress community. Which one should you choose? Lets take a detailed look at what each offers and how well they perform.

Kinsta vs DreamHost: Differences

Advantages of Choosing Kinsta over DreamHost:

  • Faster Website Performance
  • More Data Center Location Choices
  • Cloudflare Integration Security
  • Auto Wildcard SSL
  • Website Staging Included with All Plans
  • On-Demand and System Data Backups Included
  • Site Analytics Reports

Advantages of Choosing DreamHost over Kinsta:

  • Lower Cost
  • More Options for Beginners
  • More Resources Included
  • 97 Day Money Back Guarantee with Basic Plans

Kinsta vs DreamHost: Details

The Winner

Category KinstaKinsta DreamHostDreamHost Comments
Setup Winner    
Control Panel Winner    
Data Centers Winner   Kinsta has data centers in 35 different locations.
Website Speed Winner   See Below
Security Features Winner   Kinsta includes Cloudflare Integration Security.
Data Backup and Restore Winner   Kinsta includes on-demand and system backups with all hosting plans.
Automatic Updates Winner Winner Tie
Servers Winner    
Network Winner    
WordPress Development Winner    
SSL Winner   Kinsta includes Auto Wildcard SSL.
Resources   Winner  
Staging Winner Winner Tie. Both offer excellent and easy to use website staging features.
Customer Support Winner    
Money Back Guarantee   Winner DreamHost offers 97 Day Money-Back Guarantee with Basic WordPress Plans.
Price/Value   Winner  

Kinsta vs DreamHost: Features

Kinsta specializes in premium managed WordPress hosting, while DreamHost has both a basic WordPress hosting line and their DreamPress managed hosting.

Both Kinsta and DreamHost offer all the necessary features you need for managed WordPress hosting. Kinsta includes premium features with all of their hosting plans, while DreamHost only includes some features with DreamPress.

Although it’s a close call in this category, because Kinsta offers a more impressive lineup of data center choices, speed optimization, and Cloudflare Infrastructure security, plus the fact that Kinsta includes premium WordPress hosting feature with all of their hosting plans, gives them the edge here.

Kinsta vs DreamHost: Speed and Performance

DreamHost has improved their website speed in recent years and is surprisingly impressive. However, in both our speed testing and my experience using these two hosts, Kinsta is superior for website speed and page loading.

Kinsta utilizes Google Cloud Platform and provides server-level full page caching together with their CDN that definitely boosts website speed and performance.

Here are some sample speed test results via GTmetrix:

Kinsta Speed Test Results

DreamHost Speed Test Results

Kinsta vs DreamHost: Website Staging

When it comes to website staging, Kinsta and DreamHost both offer excellent one-click staging functionality that is very easy to use. Normally, in this situation we would call it a tie in this category. However, because DreamHost does not include staging with their basic level plans, while Kinsta includes staging in all plans, here we give Kinsta a slight edge.

Kinsta vs DreamHost: Data Backup

Data backup and restore is another area that both Kinsta and DreamHost do a good job with. Kinsta and DreamHost both include automatic data backups with all of their WordPress hosting plans. However, with Kinsta you also get the ability to perform manual backups with all of their hosting plans. Additionally, Kinsta also provides automatic system backups when you perform certain tasks like updating themes and plugins. DreamHost only includes on-demand backups with their DreamPress hosting line.

Here again, in this category Kinsta is the winner.

Kinsta vs DreamHost: Customer Support

I’m very impressed with the customer support at both Kinsta and DreamHost. It’s a very close call in this category. Both of these web hosts offer responsive and helpful WordPress hosting support. While I’m very satisfied with the support I’ve received at both Kinsta and DreamHost, here Kinsta gets just a little edge based on slightly faster response times—not by much. But if we have to pick a winner in this category, the advantage goes to Kinsta.


Started Business: 2013
BBB Rating: A
Data Center Location: US, CAN, EUR, ASIA, AUS, South America

Price: $35 mo. – $1650 mo.
Unlimited Bandwidth: No
Unlimited Storage: No
Unlimited Email: No
Host Multiple Domains: Yes (Except Starter Plan)

Hosting Interface: Kinsta Dashboard
Server Uptime: 99.9%
Full Refund Period: 30 Days
Dedicated Hosting Available: Yes

Advantages of Choosing Kinsta:

  • Specialize in Upscale Managed Hosting
  • Choose from 35 Different Data Centers
  • Powered by Google Cloud Platform
  • Automatic Database Optimization
  • Cloudflare Integration Security
  • Performance Monitoring Tool
  • Server-Level Full Page Caching
  • Includes Kinsta CDN
  • Auto Wildcard SSL
  • Analytics Reports

Click Here to See More Details on Kinsta


Started Business: 1997
BBB Rating: A+
Data Center Location: Irvine, CA; Ashburn, VA; and Hillsboro, OR

Price: $2.59 mo. – $24.95 mo.
Unlimited Bandwidth: Yes
Unlimited Storage: Yes
Unlimited Email: Yes
Host Multiple Domains: Yes

Hosting Interface: DreamHost Control Panel
Server Uptime: 100%
Full Refund Period: 97 Days
Dedicated Hosting Available: Yes

Advantages of Choosing DreamHost:

  • Optimized WordPress Hosting
  • WordPress Partner since 2005
  • 100% Uptime Guarantee
  • Free Domain with WhoIs Privacy
  • WordPress Website Builder
  • Cloud Storage Services Available

Click here for more details on DreamHost

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Overall, Kinsta is the winner in this comparison matchup. Kinsta includes more effective premium WordPress hosting features that produce better results when it comes to website speed and performance. They also offer excellent customer support.

However, DreamHost does more than hold its own for most WordPress applications. If you’re a WordPress beginner, then DreamHost with it’s WP Website Builder is a better fit. Also, if you don’t have the budget for Kinsta’s premium managed hosting, then DreamHost is a good alternative.

For the majority of WordPress website owners that want the better experience with their web hosting though, Kinsta is the recommended choice here. See our Kinsta Review Ratings below:

Kinsta Review Ratings

Features - 99%
Speed and Performance - 100%
Customer Support - 100%
Value - 97%


Outstanding !


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