HostGator vs Wix



How does HostGator compare with Wix? This comparison between a traditional web hosting plan and a website builder package takes a look at HostGator’s Business Hosting plan versus Wix’s eCommerce plan.

$5.95 mo.
Unmetered Disk Space
Unmetered Bandwidth
Unlimited Websites
Unlimited Email
Free Dedicated IP
Free Private SSL
cPanel Hosting
Google and Bing Ad Credits
45 Day Money Back Guarantee
$8.50 mo.
20GB Bandwidth
20GB Storage
Free Domain
Online Store
$300 Ad Vouchers
Form Builder
Site Booster

Advantages and Disadvantages

Advantages of Using HostGator

  • Complete Web Hosting Package
  • Unlimited Resources
  • Wide Variety of Software Applications
  • Suitable for Different Types of Websites
  • You Have More Control over Your Site
  • Customer Support Available by Phone, Email, or Live Chat

Disadvantages of Using HostGator

  • Not Quite as User Friendly
  • More Time Required to Build Website

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Advantages of Using Wix

  • Quick and Easy Website Setup
  • Easier eCommerce Website Creation
  • Includes Customized Functionality for Businesses
  • (Photography, Restaurants, Accommodations)
  • Includes Professional Stock Photo Images

Disadvantages of Using Wix

  • You’re Locked into the Wix Ecosystem
  • Not as Many Resources Included
  • Options More Limited
  • Customer Support Access Not as Good

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If you just need a quick way to create a simple or online brochure type of website, then Wix is probably the better choice here. However, there are a number of reasons why they aren’t necessarily the best choice for most website situations. HostGator is one of the most established web hosting companies around. With their complete hosting package, you aren’t limited in storage or bandwidth the way you are with Wix. HostGator provides many more options to grow your website. And, you definitely have more control.

We also like how HostGator includes a free dedicated IP and free SSL with their hosting plans. They also have better customer support access including live chat. For those reasons, in this comparison we would recommend HostGator in most cases.

See our review ratings for HostGator below:


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