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Here is our comparison of InMotion Hosting’s BoldGrid and GoDaddy’s GoCentral website builders. BoldGrid creates WordPress websites, while GoCentral has its own infrastructure. Both BoldGrid and GoCentral come with web hosting from their respective companies. Each of these website builders has pros and cons. See our head to head comparison data below to help you make your decision on which one to use for your website.

Website Setup

BoldGrid is actually a plugin for WordPress. So, if you’re an experienced WordPress user, you shouldn’t have any difficulties with the setup process. However, if you want you can have customer support install BoldGrid for you so everything is set up and you’re ready to go. With GoCentral, you’re walked through each step of setting up your website.

Creating Your Website

During the setup process with GoCentral, you’ll also be guided through the creation process for your site (choosing your design, etc.). With BoldGrid, there is a two-step process (labeled Inspiration and Customization). You first specify your website category, theme, and types of pages to be included in your WordPress website. You can then set your site’s title and customize some of the pages.

As for the website creation process, GoCentral is quicker and easier. However, BoldGrid gives you better looking websites with more out of the box functionality.

Features and Customization

Both BoldGrid and GoCentral make it easy for you to customize your website with your own text and images. Since GoCentral’s websites are more basic in design, it is a bit easier to make changes to the existing text and photos. You simply make your changes on the right side panel of the designer. BoldGrid is based on WordPress, so you get more functionality built in. And, to make things more user-friendly, BoldGrid has its own drag and drop interface for customizing your website. Again, while the editing process is easier in GoCentral, BoldGrid provides greater customization options for you to make your site your own.

Customer Support

BoldGrid and GoCentral include support from their respective hosting companies: InMotion Hosting and GoDaddy. Therefore, in this category the edge clearly goes to BoldGrid. InMotion Hosting provides top notch support and includes 24/7 live chat support access. GoDaddy’s customer support can vary in quality—and their live chat support is frequently unavailable.


BoldGrid is included with the business hosting plans of InMotion Hosting. You can choose from three different levels and each is packed with all the features you need to run a successful website.

GoCentral is available from GoDaddy in four different levels. The basic version includes only hosting and support. The more expensive versions include features such as SSL, SEO, PayPal Integration, shopping cart, etc.

BoldGrid costs less money across the board and, in terms of value, includes more features than you get with GoCentral. The one area where GoCentral might have an advantage is if you need an eCommerce site. While the price tag is high at $29.99 mo., it will be quicker and easier to set up as opposed to having to use a component like WooCommerce for WordPress.

Advantages of Choosing BoldGrid

  • 100% Ownership of your Website
  • WordPress Based
  • More Options Available
  • More Features for Less Money
  • More Customization Possible
  • Create Multiple Websites
  • Better Customer Support Availability
Advantages of Choosing GoCentral

  • Easier to Use
  • Faster Website Creation
  • More Theme Options Out of the Box
  • Update your Website from your Smartphone


Our recommendations here are pretty clear cut. If all you really need is a one page, brochure type of website, then GoCentral is the better choice for you. If you need a more functional site that is more customized, then you’re better off with BoldGrid. The bottom line here is: GoCentral provides more simplicity, while BoldGrid provides more features and customization. And remember, with BoldGrid you maintain ownership of your website even if you decide to move it elsewhere.


  • 90 Day Money Back Guarantee
  • WordPress Based
  • Free Domain
  • Drag and Drop Editor
  • Responsive WordPress Themes
  • Unlimited Disk Space
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • Unlimited Email
  • Business Class Hardware
  • Max Speed Zones
  • 24/7 Live Chat Support

Click Here for More Details on BoldGrid


  • Free One Month Trial
  • Responsive Mobile Design
  • Search Engine Optimization*
  • SSL*
  • PayPal Integration*
  • Email Marketing**
  • Social Media Marketing**
  • Online Store**
  • Shopping Cart**
  • *Requires Business Plan
    **Requires Business Plus or eCommerce Plan

Click Here for More Details on GoCentral


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