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DreamHost has long been recognized for their WordPress hosting as well as their cloud hosting products. With their Remixer website builder, they now also have a viable solution for first time website owners that want an easier way to create a web presence for their business or personal interests. Here in my DreamHost Remixer Review, I’ll cover the features and benefits of the product and go over the website creation process.

Remixer Features

  • Easy Guided Website Creation Process
  • Point and Click Page Editor
  • Build Unlimited Websites
  • No Page Limits
  • Mobile Friendly Themes
  • Free 14 Day Trial
  • Ability to Export Website to WordPress
  • 24/7 Customer Support

Trying Out Remixer for Free

DreamHost gives you a free 14 day trial period to try out Remixer for free. You don’t need to enter a credit card or any payment form at this point. And, it’s a great opportunity to really see how Remixer works and to evaluate if it’s the right website platform for you.

Creating Your Website in Remixer

Since the initial release of Remixer, DreamHost has streamlined and simplified the site creation process even more. Previously, you had to sign up first and then select and customize your website. Now, when you go to the DreamHost website and Remixer page and start your Remixer free trial, you’re immediately guided through the process of selecting your website layout, color palette, image style or industry, and font type.

Remixer Select Layout
Remixer: Selecting Your Website Layout
Remixer: Choosing Your Website Category or Image Style

Once you’ve got the basics selected, you then enter your signup information. You’re then immediately in the Remixer dashboard where you can continue to build your website.

The Remixer editor is very easy to use. You can easily edit or add new text and photos on your pages. And, it’s very easy to reorder the sections on your page.

Publishing Your Remixer Website

Remixer Publish Site
Once you’re finished designing your new site, you just click the publish button in the top right corner to get your website online. During your free trial period, your site is published on a temporary DreamHost URL. After you upgrade to a paid Remixer plan you’ll be able to link your website with your own custom domain name.

Upgrading to a Paid Remixer Plan

Once you’ve worked with Remixer and have created your website, you’ll want to upgrade to a paid Remixer hosting plan. You can choose either the Standard plan at $4.95 mo. or the All Access plan at $7.95 mo. The difference is that with the All Access plan you get email accounts.

Once you upgrade your Remixer plan, you can then connect your website to your own custom domain. Also, you’ll then have the ability to export your site to WordPress if you’d like to in the future.

Exporting Your Remixer Website to WordPress

Remixer is perfect for creating basic websites for business and personal use. However, it doesn’t provide as many add on functions as some other website builders. That’s why it’s great that DreamHost has now added the ability for you to export your Remixer site to WordPress.

Once you convert your site to WordPress, you have all of the functionality of the most popular platform on the web. With WordPress, you can build any type of website you need. There is also a function that allows you to convert your site back to Remixer if for some reason you want to do that.

Advantages of Remixer

  • Very Easy to Use
  • Free 14 Day Trial—No Credit Card Needed
  • Create Unlimited Websites
  • 24/7 Support
  • Can Export Website to WordPress
  • Paid Plans Include Free Domain for First Year

Disadvantages of Remixer

  • Not as Many Website Designs as Other Site Builders
  • Not as Much Addon Functionality as Other Site Builders

Alternatives to Remixer

DreamHost’s Remixer is a very easy to use website builder that also allows you to export your site to WordPress. If you’re looking for the easiest site creation tools, you might also want to check out A2 Hosting’s Website Builder or GoDaddy’s GoCentral. If your interest is more in WordPress, then you should also take a look at BoldGrid.


In my opinion, DreamHost does have a winner in Remixer. They’ve really done a good job in providing an easy to use website creation tool that’s a perfect fit for more simple and basic types of sites. I also like that DreamHost has made it even easier to get started creating a website with Remixer. And, with the ability to export Remixer websites to WordPress, you have the ability to create a more advanced and robust site down the line with the WordPress platform.

Click Here for Your Free Remixer 14 Day Trial

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