A2 Hosting Website Builder vs DreamHost Remixer (2019)

a2-hosting-website-builder-vs dreamhost-remixer

Who has the better website builder: A2 Hosting or DreamHost? In this comparison of the A2 Hosting Website Builder vs DreamHost Remixer, we take a look at the site builders currently offered by two highly regarded traditional web hosting companies. A2 Hosting and DreamHost both provide quality web hosting services. Now, they’re also addressing the new customer base that is looking for a website as opposed to web hosting.

A2 Website Builder vs Remixer for Blogs

Both of these website builders are better suited for smaller scale websites that don’t contain an ever-growing amount of content such as a blog. The A2 Website Builder does have a blog plugin you can use. DreamHost’s Remixer offers the ability to export your website to WordPress—the best blogging platform on the web. However, it doesn’t contain a similar blogging component. For that reason, the A2 Website Builder is the winner here.

A2 Website Builder vs Remixer for eCommerce Websites

A2 Hosting has an Enterprise website builder plan that is specifically geared for eCommerce sites. Along with SSL protection and an eCommerce plugin, there are no storage limits with A2’s Website Builder top level plan. You can also easily set up a PayPal payment button. Conversely, eCommerce isn’t really a focus for DreamHost’s Remixer—which is better suited for customer acquisition websites. And in fact, Remixer doesn’t currently support SSL.

So, for eCommerce sites, A2’s Website Builder is definitely the winner.

A2 Website Builder vs Remixer for Small Business Websites

The A2 Website Builder and Remixer are both ideal for creating small business websites that are customer acquisition vehicles or online brochure types of sites. Both give you an easy way to create a website that contains all of your business information and that you can get online quickly. In fact, it’s so close here that I’ll have to call it a tie in this category.

A2 Website Builder vs Remixer Comparisons


Features A2 Hosting Remixer
Easy Site Creation   Feature Star
Website Speed Feature Star  
Resources Feature Star  
Site Security Feature Star  
Customer Support Feature Star  
Transferability   Feature Star
Value Feature Star  
A2 Hosting Website Builder
A2 Website Builder

Started Business: 2003
BBB Rating: A

Price: $3.92 mo. – $11.76 mo.

Unlimited Bandwidth: Yes
Unlimited Storage: No
Unlimited Email: Yes

Refund Period: Anytime

Advantages of Choosing A2 Hosting:

  • Very Easy and Intuitive to Use
  • Easy Activation and Setup
  • Includes Outstanding A2 Hosting Performance
  • Nice Click to Edit Interface
  • Excellent A2 Hosting Customer Support
  • Easy Website Preview and Publishing

Click Here for More Information on the A2 Website Builder


Started Business: 1997
BBB Rating: A+

Price: $4.95 mo. – $7.95 mo.

Unlimited Bandwidth: Yes
Unlimited Storage: Yes
Unlimited Email: Yes (All Access Plan)

Refund Period: 97 Days

Advantages of Choosing Remixer:

  • Very Easy Website Creation
  • Create Unlimited Pages
  • Ability to Export Site to WordPress

Click Here for More Information on Remixer


A2 Hosting and DreamHost have both done a nice job of incorporating website builders into their web hosting product lines. Both the A2 Website Builder and DreamHost’s Remixer provide an easy way to create your website and get it published online quickly.

Overall, the A2 Website Builder is better suited for more types of websites (Small Business, eCommerce, blogs, etc.). Also, with the A2 Website Builder you also get A2’s outstanding web hosting and their Shared Hosting Plan features—including excellent customer support.

So, while Remixer is a good option if all you really need is a more basic site for your business or personal use, in this comparison the A2 Website Builder is the winner. A2 Hosting’s Website Builder allows you to easily create your business or personal websites, and includes the benefits of their top rated web hosting.

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