BoldGrid vs Wix (2017)


In this comparison, we take a look at how InMotion Hosting’s BoldGrid product fares against—one of the more well-known website creation companies. Wix is one of the leaders in the growing category of website creators as opposed to the traditional web hosting providers. BoldGrid is the new innovative alternative from InMotion Hosting that allows you to easily create your own professional looking website, yet still get all the benefits of a traditional web hosting plan. Which product should you choose if you need to get a website online quickly? Let’s take a look at the pros and cons of each.

With BoldGrid, your website is built on the WordPress platform—the most popular content management system today. BoldGrid lets you choose from a variety of themes when you create your website. You can then use the drag and drop interface to customize the site to your liking. BoldGrid is part of a special hosting package from InMotion Hosting which also includes email, cPanel, and all of the features you would normally expect in a web hosting plan.

Wix is tailored for those with no tech skills that need a way to quickly create a website. With Wix, you also pick your template and then make any customizations you want. Their big selling point is that you can get your website for free. While this is true, keep the following in mind. Your free website will have Wix ads on it. And more importantly, this is a bare bones website that does not include your own domain, email, or ecommerce ability. You will have to upgrade to a premium plan for these items. Also, your storage (and in some cases bandwidth) is limited.

Personally, in this matchup I prefer going with BoldGrid. I like that you can easily build a professional looking WordPress website—and that you have so much more control as opposed to going with an option like Wix. One of the biggest disadvantages of going with a website package from Wix is that you’re basically locked into their system. You can’t move your website elsewhere if you want to. Conversely, even though BoldGrid is an InMotion Hosting product, you don’t have to use InMotion’s hosting. You can actually move your site and use BoldGrid with another WordPress host. Having ownership of your website is a big plus.

The other big negative with Wix is that although it may initially look like you’re getting a good deal, you need to be aware that you’ll need to upgrade to a premium plan in order to remove ads on your site, get unlimited bandwidth, or create an online store. With BoldGrid, you get all of InMotion Hosting’s top features such as Max Speed Zones, solid state drives, unlimited disk space and data transfer, unlimited email, plus their 90 day money back guarantee.

If you have no web experience and you want the quickest way of getting a website online, then you might want to look at Wix. However, because of the site ownership and other features included, in most cases we prefer BoldGrid for those of you looking for an easy website creation option.


Started Business: 2001
BBB Rating: A+

Price: $3.49 mo. – $7.49 mo.

Unlimited Bandwidth: Yes
Unlimited Storage: Yes
Unlimited Email: Yes

Refund Period: 90 Days

Advantages of Choosing BoldGrid:

  • 100% Ownership of your Website
  • Professional Looking WordPress Sites using Drag and Drop Site Builder
  • Mobile Optimized Websites
  • Includes Web Hosting from InMotion Hosting
  • Max Speed Zone Technology
  • Free Solid State Drives
  • Free Domain Included
  • Free Data Backup
  • Live Chat Support
  • 90 Day Money Back Guarantee

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Wix Comparison

Started Business: 2006
BBB Rating: A+

Price: $4.92 mo. – $29.92 mo.

Unlimited Bandwidth: Premium Plans Only
Unlimited Storage: No
Unlimited Email: No

Refund Period: 14 Days

Advantages of Choosing Wix:

  • Easy Interface for Newbies
  • Large Selection of Templates

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