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WP Engine Review Rating
WPX Hosting Review Rating

In this comparison of WP Engine vs WPX Hosting, we take a detailed look at two of the very best managed WordPress hosting providers. Both WP Engine and WPX Hosting are highly regarded by many for their fast servers, premium features, and expert customer support. But, which one should you choose? Here is our head-to-head comparison.

WP Engine vs WPX Hosting: Differences

Reasons for Choosing WP Engine over WPX Hosting:

  • Proprietary EverCache Technology
  • Phone Support Available with Advanced Plans
  • More Data Restore Points Available
  • More Features for WordPress Agencies
  • Page Performance Monitoring
  • Multi-Factor Password Authentication
  • 60 Day Money Back Guarantee

Reasons for Choosing WPX Hosting over WP Engine:

  • Can Host More Sites per Hosting Plan
  • Includes Ability to Create Email Accounts
  • Own Their High Speed CDN

WP Engine vs WPX Hosting: Details

The Winner

CategoryWP Enginewp-engineWPX HostingWPX HostingComments
Setup Winner 
Control PanelWinner  
Data CentersWinner WP Engine has data centers in the United States, Canada, Europe, Asia, and Sydney.
Website SpeedWinner See Below
Security FeaturesWinner WP Engine provides Free SSL, Real Time Threat Detection, and Multi-Factor Password Authentication.
Data Backup and RestoreWinner Both provide Automated Daily Backups plus Snapshot Capability. WP Engine provides more restore backup points.
Automatic Updates Winner
Network Winner 
WordPress DevelopmentWinner WP Engine includes transferable installs, page performance monitoring, and billing transfer for agencies.
SSLWinnerWinnerTie. Both provide Free Let’s Encrypt SSL.
Resources Winner 
StagingWinnerWinnerTie. Both offer excellent and easy to use website staging features.
Customer SupportWinner WP Engine includes both live chat and phone support with upper level plans.
Money Back GuaranteeWinner WP Engine offers a Full 60 Day Money Back Guarantee.
Price/Value Winner 

WP Engine vs WPX Hosting: Features

This category is the only one where there is a clear winner. While WPX Hosting offers great WordPress hosting features, WP Engine not only includes premium WordPress hosting features, but they have continually added new innovative and helpful functions to help both individual website owners as well as WordPress agencies.

WP Engine vs WPX Hosting: Speed and Performance

WP Engine and WPX Hosting are often both highly rated when it comes to website speed. And, my testing and personal experience with both of these hosts concurs with other results. WP Engine and WPX each provided outstanding results with their speed and performance.

WP Engine continues to offer their proprietary EverCache technology, now along with the Google Cloud Platform and fully managed CDN. WPX Hosting includes their own high-speed content delivery network as well as their site speed optimized servers.

Below is a sample of our speed testing results. Keep in mind that because there are many website factors that affect speed, your results may vary. In my own personal experience, sometimes WP Engine performed faster, while on other occasions WPX Hosting posted faster speed times.

WP Engine vs WPX Hosting Speed Test Results

The bottom line with speed and performance is that both WP Engine and WPX Hosting are winners. Because of results such as those above, I give WP Engine a very slight edge here.

WP Engine vs WPX Hosting: Website Staging

WP Engine and WPX Hosting both include excellent website staging functionality. Both are very easy to use and allow you to test out changes to your websites before moving them into production. This category is definitely a tie.

WP Engine vs WPX Hosting: Data Backup

Data backup is another vital feature for managed WordPress hosting. Again, both WP Engine and WPX Hosting do a great job in this category.

WP Engine and WPX Hosting both include automated data backups that run daily as well as the ability to create snapshot data backups whenever you want. WP Engine allows you to restore data from your last 40 data backup points (daily and snapshot). You can contact their support if you need to go back further. WPX Hosting lets you restore from the last 28 days of automated backups with snapshot backups being kept only for 24 hours.

Restoring your data is also easy with both of these hosts.

Because of the greater selection of data backup points along with the ability to keep snapshot backups longer than 24 hours, WP Engine is the winner in this category.

WP Engine vs WPX Hosting: Customer Support

Because customer support is critical for managed web hosting, WP Engine and WPX Hosting have each made it one of their top priorities—and the results are impressive. With both WP Engine and WPX Hosting, you get responsive expert WordPress support. The support agents definitely go beyond what you might be used to from a hosting company.

WP Engine and WPX Hosting include live chat support with all of their hosting plans. Additionally, WP Engine also offers phone support with their advanced level plans. For that reason, WP Engine gets a slight advantage here.

WP Engine
WP Engine

Started Business: N/A
BBB Rating: A
Data Center Location:Data Centers: U.S., Canada, Europe, Asia, Australia

Price: $35 mo. – $290 mo. (Premium Customized Plans also available)
Unlimited Bandwidth: Yes
Unlimited Storage: No
Unlimited Email: No
Host Multiple Domains: Yes (except StartUp Plan)

Hosting Interface: WP Engine Client Portal
Server Uptime: N/A
Full Refund Period: 60 Days
Dedicated Hosting Available: Yes

Free Extras:
EverCache technology speeds up page-load time
Transferable Installs and Billing Transfer
Free Let’s Encrypt SSL
Page Speed Tester
WordPress Solution Center

Advantages of Choosing WP Engine:

  • You can try it risk free for 60 days.
  • Faster Performance with Google Cloud Platform Virtual Machines.
  • WP Engine Migration Plugin for easily transferring your site over.
  • Managed upgrades and daily backups.
  • Staging area environment where you can test out plugins or themes.
  • Two-Factor Authentication Available
  • More Data Center Location Options
  • Expert support staff.
  • They automatically scan for and fix hacking attempts on your site.

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WPX Hosting
WPX Hosting

Started Business: 2013
BBB Rating: N/A
Data Center Location: Chicago, US; London, UK; Sydney, AUS

Price: $20.83 mo. – $83.25 mo.
Unlimited Bandwidth: No
Unlimited Storage: No
Unlimited Email: Yes
Host Multiple Domains: Yes

Hosting Interface: WPX Client Interface
Server Uptime: 99.95%
Full Refund Period: 30 Days
Dedicated Hosting Available: No

Free Extras:
Content Delivery Network
Daily Malware Detection and Removal
Free Let’s Encrypt SSL
Site Fixes if Down

Advantages of Choosing WPX Hosting:

  • Site Speed Optimization
  • Custom Built High Speed CDN
  • Live Chat Response Time Under 30 Seconds (Avg.)
  • Own their Servers and Content Delivery Network
  • Unlimited Site Transfers
  • Ultra Responsive Customer Support
  • Helps Homeless Dogs and Cats

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For managed WordPress hosting, WP Engine and WPX Hosting are definitely two of the best choices. In our comparison and in my personal experience, both perform excellently when it comes to speed, performance, and support. In this direct match up though, WP Engine is the winner by a slight margin.

Because WP Engine offers more features for individual website owners (data backup points, page performance monitoring, password authentication, etc.) as well as WordPress agencies (transferable installs, billing transfer, etc.), and with WP Engine’s 60-day money back guarantee, I would recommend them for most WordPress website hosting situations.

See our WP Engine Review Ratings below:

WP Engine Startup Coupon

WPX Hosting Coupon

WP Engine Review Ratings

Features - 100%
Speed and Performance - 100%
Customer Support - 100%
Value - 97%


Outstanding !

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