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Do the Turbo Servers at A2 Hosting really provide superior performance? We decided to find out first hand by switching our website over to A2 Hosting and going with a Turbo Server Hosting Plan. Here are the results we achieved along with how we were able to go about getting a faster performing website with A2 Hosting.

A fast performing website can be critical for increased sales conversions and for customer acquisition. And, it also won’t hurt your search engine rankings! If you’re looking for fast web hosting, I would definitely recommend you check out A2 Hosting.

While A2 Hosting may not be as well-known as some other web hosting companies, when it comes to faster performing websites and optimized website environments, I definitely put A2 at the top of the list. Recently, we moved to A2 Hosting and by opting for their Turbo Server and implementing their optimization features, we’ve been able to improve the speed of our website.

A2 Hosting’s Turbo Servers are faster for a number of reasons including:

  • There are fewer users on the server.
  • They use less CPU and Memory.
  • Connections are handled more efficiently.

Take a look at our previous data as compared to our results with A2 Hosting.

How Do You Optimize your Website with A2 Hosting?

Implement Turbo Cache
Turbo Cache stores all of the HTML output of a page so it can be served without running PHP every time it’s requested—resulting in much better performance.

Implement Memcached
With Memcached, frequently accessed data such as database and API calls are cached in RAM to speed up page loading times.

To optimize your website, go to your A2 Hosting cPanel and scroll down to the Advanced section. Launch the A2 Optimized application.

The A2 Optimized screen will appear with options to configure your A2 Optimized environment, Turbo Cache, and Memcached. If you have any questions or issues, you can contact the A2 Hosting Support Team and they will gladly assist you in setting things up.

Utilize Cloudflare CDN
With Cloudflare’s CDN, you get increased speed and uptime. Cloudflare’s CDN provides a group of servers worldwide that delivers your site via the fastest route to your visitors. If one server is not available, your traffic is routed to the next nearest server.

To use your free Cloudflare CDN, go to the Software section of your cPanel and launch the Cloudflare application. You can then add your domain and choose your Cloudflare CDN options. Again, if you have any questions, the A2 Guru Crew is very helpful.

Faster Results with A2 Hosting

As you can see from the data above, A2 Hosting has given our website speed a definite boost. The results are very impressive.

Updated Results

The Turbo Servers at A2 Hosting are even better as they are now using the QUIC protocol instead of TCP. QUICK UDP Internet Connections (QUIC) provides improved performance and faster page loading times due to its use of multiplexed connections. Unlike with TCP, where communicating computers need to make multiple round trips, QUIC combines multiple connections into a single one for lower latency and better performance.

While our initial test results above were impressive, the latest tests we performed with our site on an A2 QUIC Turbo Server showed superior results. Here is a data sample from our speed testing.

And for 2018, A2 Hosting continues to provide outstanding website speed. Check out my article on the Fastest WordPress Hosting.

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