Private Internet Access vs TrustZone


Which VPN is better? Private Internet Access or TrustZone? In this comparison of Private Internet Access vs TrustZone, we take a detailed look at the advantages each has to offer and which VPN provider is a better choice for you.

Private Internet Access vs TrustZone: Features

When comparing the features you get with Private Internet Access and TrustZone, at first things look pretty similar. You do get all of the necessary ingredients for successfully utilizing a VPN. However, on closer inspection and with my own hands on experience with both VPN providers, Private Internet Access offers some definite advantages.

With Private Internet Access you can have more simultaneous connections on multiple devices. And when it comes to the VPN apps, I find Private Internet Access to include one of the best applications I’ve used. It’s a breeze to setup and you can easily connect to and switch VPN servers when you want to. Therefore, in this category, Private Internet Access is the winner.

Private Internet Access vs TrustZone: VPN Network

Private Internet Access also has the edge when it comes to VPN networks. They have over 3200 servers as opposed to TrustZone with 165. And as I mentioned above, Private Internet Access makes it extremely easy to switch servers whenever you need to. With TrustZone, you have to load a configuration file for each server you use.

Private Internet Access vs TrustZone: Customer Support

Unfortunately, neither Private Internet Access nor TrustZone include live chat support with their VPN plans. Both companies require you to submit a support ticket when you need assistance. And, quite honestly, both VPN providers could improve their support response times. However, in this category I would give a slight advantage to Private Internet Access as they were a bit faster in responding to my support request.

Private Internet Access vs TrustZone: Value

Both Private Internet Access and TrustZone provide low cost solutions for VPN shoppers. Their prices are very similar across the board. But because of the features and overall quality provided, Private Internet Access is the favorite here.

Private Internet Access vs TrustZone Details


Private Internet Accessprivate-internet-access-vpn TrustZonetrust-zone-vpn Comments
Servers: Winner   3245+
Countries:   Winner 34
Devices: Winner   Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, Linux, Chrome, Firefox, Opera
Features: Winner  
VPN App: Winner    
Connections: Winner   5 Simultaneous
Customer Support: Winner    
Payment Methods: Winner   PayPal, Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, Amazon Payments, Bitcoin, Major Gift Cards
Guarantee: Winner   7 Day Money Back Guarantee
Value: Winner    
Private Internet Access
Monthly @ $6.95 mo.
1 Year @ $3.33 mo.
2 Years @ $2.91 mo.

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Monthly @ $6.99 mo.
1 Year @ $3.33 mo.
2 Years @ $2.66 mo.

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If you’re looking for a low cost VPN solution, then these two providers should be on your list of companies to check out. However, in this comparison Private Internet Access is the winner over TrustZone. The features, value, support, and particularly the VPN app installation and usability clearly put Private Internet Access on top. See our Private Internet Access Review Ratings below.

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