Hotspot Shield vs IPVanish


Which VPN is better? Hotspot Shield or IPVanish? In this comparison of Hotspot Shield vs IPVanish, we take a detailed look at the advantages each has to offer and which VPN provider is a better choice for you.

Hotspot Shield vs IPVanish: Features

When it comes to VPN features, you can’t go wrong with either Hotspot Shield or IPVanish. Both of these VPN providers include all the features you need for a secure and top performing VPN experience. Each of these companies has their advantages. Hotspot Shield provides easier unlimited one-click server changes, a 45 day money back guarantee, and they offer a separate line of business VPN plans. With IPVanish, you can have up to 10 concurrent connections and their user interface is a bit more descriptive. I’ll give Hotspot Shield a slight advantage here—mainly because of the business VPN options.

Hotspot Shield vs IPVanish: VPN Network

Performance with both Hotspot Shield and IPVanish are excellent. I’ve experienced great speed and performance using both VPNs. In terms of VPN networks, Hotspot Shield has more available servers while IPVanish is located in more countries. Personally, I would call it a tie in this category. However, if you’re located in a country that has an IPVanish server but not one for Hotspot Shield, then you would want to opt for the former.

Hotspot Shield vs IPVanish: Customer Support

Both Hotspot Shield and IPVanish do a good job with their customer support. Both offer live chat support. And, Hotspot Shield provides 24/7 live tech support with their business VPN plans. For that reason, they get the edge here.

Hotspot Shield vs IPVanish: Value

Hotspot Shield and IPVanish both rate very high on the value meter. The winner really depends on your situation. If you only need 5 or fewer simultaneous device connections and you plan to utilize your VPN for a year or more, then Hotspot Shield is right for you. On the other hand, if you need more than 5 device connections or you would rather pay for your VPN on a monthly basis, then IPVanish is the better value.

Hotspot Shield vs IPVanish Details


Hotspot Shieldhotspot-shield-vpnIPVanishipvanish-vpnComments
Servers:Winner 2500+
Countries: Winner60+
Devices: WinnerWindows, Mac, iOS, Android, Windows Phone, Ubuntu, Chrome, Routers
Features:Winner Business VPN Plans Available
VPN App:Winner Easy Server Switching
Connections: Winner10 Simultaneous
Customer Support:Winner Live Chat plus 24/7 Live Tech Support for Businesses
Payment Methods: WinnerVisa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, PayPal, JCB, Delta
Guarantee:Winner 45 Days
Hotspot Shield
Monthly @ $12.99 mo.
6 Months @ $8.99 mo.
1 Year @ $5.99 mo.
3 Years @ $3.49 mo.

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Monthly @ $10.00 mo.
3 Months @ $8.99 mo.
1 Year @ $6.49 mo.

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Hotspot Shield and IPVanish are definitely two of the best VPN providers that I have used. This comparison study is a very close call. For businesses and for most personal VPN use, I would recommend Hotspot Shield—unless you need more than 10 devices connected with your personal VPN plan. Then, IPVanish would be the preferred choice. See our review ratings for Hotspot Shield below.

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