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Customer Support Wait Times

Customer Support Test Results

As I’ve written about before, customer support is one of the most important ingredients of a great web host. Features, value, and data center performance are definitely needed, but good customer support is vital to having a successful web hosting experience. While it can be difficult to determine how great someone’s customer support is before …

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Green Web Hosting

Web Hosting Going Green

Going green is the big trend these days by more and more companies. Saving the environment is very important to many people and now you can even choose to buy web hosting from companies that are actively utilizing green technologies in their business. The number of green web hosting providers is increasing all the time. …

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BBB - Better Business Bureau

BBB Web Hosting Ratings

The Better Business Bureau website is a great place to do some of your online research when purchasing products and services—including web hosting. While I’d not use that site as my sole online research tool, the BBB site does provide some insight on how well a company addresses any issues and how concerned they are …

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Web Hosting Speed

Web Hosting Speed

Getting your website to load and run fast should be a goal of all site owners. When considering speed issues, be sure to take into account both your web design and web hosting. Both sides can have a big impact on your website’s speed and potential audience. I always hate going to a site and …

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