Best Web Hosting for Health and Wellness


I think all of us want to be healthy and happy in our daily lives. So, it’s not surprising that health and wellness is the focus of a growing number of websites. Whether your site involves exercise and yoga, diet, medical care, or just enjoying life, here are some tips on creating your website. We’ll also cover what you should know when looking for web hosting. And, we’ll give you our recommendations for health and wellness website hosting.

Building a Health and Wellness Website

  • Blogging
  • Community Forum
  • Email Marketing
  • Ad Friendly
  • eCommerce Ability to Sell Products Online

Although the category of health and wellness can include a variety of interests, you always want to create a sense of community as well as share as much information with your audience as you can. Including a blog with your health and wellness site is an excellent way of providing useful content for your readers as they get to know all about you and your business. Another useful feature is to include a forum where your users can ask questions and exchange ideas and information. And, if you want to sell your products or services online, you’ll want to make sure your website platform is ad-friendly as well as having the ability to build an online store.

Web Hosting Considerations

If your main goal is to be a health and wellness blogger, then I’d definitely recommend you look for a WordPress web host. Besides being the best blogging platform, WordPress also gives you the ability to include forums and email marketing. If your website is more about brand awareness or selling products, then it probably makes more sense to look at a website builder solution, which can greatly speed up the site creation process. You’ll be able to quickly get your website online, and setting up your online store will be easier. If you have multiple businesses or separate areas of your business that require more than one website, you should definitely consider one of our recommendations for multiple website hosting.

Web Hosting Recommendations: Website Builder

GoDaddy GoCentral

GoCentral Wellness
GoCentral, the website builder from GoDaddy, is a viable alternative to Wix. On the plus side, I found GoDaddy’s GoCentral site builder easier to use that Wix. And, it’s also very easy to add more functionality to your site with GoCentral’s sections. On the minus side, the website templates with GoCentral aren’t as nice looking as the one’s you get with Wix—and the selection is more limited.

Click Here for More Information on GoCentral from GoDaddy

Web Hosting Recommendations: WordPress


For WordPress blogging, SiteGround is outstanding. They provide managed WordPress hosting features at a far lower cost that other managed web hosts. You can easily get your WordPress site started with just a few clicks. With your SiteGround hosting plan, you can get automatic updates, daily data backup, and some of the best customer support you’ll find from a web hosting company. Also, SiteGround’s SuperCacher technology helps to speed up your websites for a better user experience.

Click Here for More Information on SiteGround


Bluehost, like SiteGround, is recommended by They too have specialized in WordPress hosting for many years. And while both SiteGround and Bluehost are excellent choices for all levels of WordPress users, if you’re a newbie, I would give the edge to Bluehost. The customized WordPress dashboard that Bluehost provides is a bit more intuitive and easy to use. Also, they provide guided online help when creating your first WordPress site.

Click Here for More Details on Bluehost

Email Marketing

Whether you decide to choose a website builder or web hosting, it’s very important that you start building your email marketing list as soon as possible. Email remains one of the best ways of converting sales. And with the right email campaign, you can build more trust with your audience and increase the chances of them purchasing your health and wellness products and services.

There are a number of great email autoresponder services on the market. Personally, I use AWeber. You can easily integrate your AWeber lists with your WordPress site or a website you’ve created with Wix or GoCentral. Best of all, you can try out AWeber for free for a month to see how well it works for you.

Here is a link to a free guide from AWeber with email templates you can follow:
AWeber Free Email Guide

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