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Faster Websites with CDN

Looking for better website speed? A faster loading website leads to more satisfied visitors that won’t get tired of waiting and click away. Also, it’s widely speculated that the search engines take website speed into consideration in their rankings. One of the best options for better website load times is InMotion Hosting’s Max Speed Zone Technology. You can read more about it in some of my previous posts.

Another option for reducing your site load times is to use a content delivery network. When using a CDN, your website files are shared on a network of servers at different locations. When a user accesses your site, the content is served from the closest data center to the user.

While you can purchase the services of one of the many content delivery networks available, there are some web hosting companies that will provide you with a free CDN when you sign up for their hosting. For example, Bluehost provides you with Cloudfare’s content delivery network where your files can be shared on servers worldwide. And, Go Daddy’s Ultimate Plan includes their Website Accelerator CDN at no extra charge.

With the ever increasing importance on website speed, it certainly makes sense to check out ways that your web hosting company can help you out.

InMotion Hosting:
Max Speed Zone Technology

Cloudfare Content Delivery Network

Go Daddy:
Go Daddy Website Accelerator


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