Web Hosting Recommendations for 2015

Web Hosting Recommendations 2015

With the start of the New Year, many of you may be ready to finally get your website online. If that’s one of your first projects to get done in 2015, one of your main considerations will be getting just the right web host for your site. Here is a list of web hosting companies that we like for a variety of situations.

Business Web Hosting:
InMotion Hosting

I’ve been an InMotion Hosting customer for years and still consider them to be the best choice for business website hosting. InMotion has continued to upgrade their data center and expand their services. And, their business hosting plans provide the specific features, performance, and speed that business sites require.

Budget Web Hosting:

iPage consistently offers some of the best deals on their web hosting package. With iPage, you can get unlimited domain hosting along with a bunch of extra features that normally cost much more.

Web Hosting for Entrepreneurs or Marketers Needing Multiple Sites:
Web Hosting Hub

If you’ll need to have many websites online, Web Hosting Hub provides unlimited hosting features together with solid customer support and many software options.

Managed Web Hosting:
WP Engine

Some website owners need extra support and assistance with their sites. WP Engine provides expert WordPress support and a robust environment to ensure maximum performance. They’ll also take care of those pesky maintenance tasks so you don’t have to worry.

Domain Name Management:
Go Daddy

Go Daddy offers all types of web hosting services; however they are best known for their domain name management. If you need to pick up multiple domain names, consider utilizing their domain name services. They frequently offer bulk domain name discounts. Also, keeping your domain names separate from your web hosting company can have certain advantages—especially if you decide later to change web hosts.

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Web Hosting Recommendations 2015

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2 thoughts on “Web Hosting Recommendations for 2015”

  1. Very disappointed with Ipage. Their prices are low only at the beginning. Then you discover that you have to pay few hundred dollars, and then you discover they are the most expensive provider among popular hosting companies.

    1. Usually your introductory deals are always going to be lower than your renewal rates. Currently, iPage renewal rates are as follows:

      1 Year: $131.88
      2 Years: $239.76
      3 Years: $323.64

      Although their prices have risen a bit, that’s still in line with other host’s renewal prices–and in fact still cheaper than some other places.

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