Top 5 Things I Like About WP Engine


I invite you to check out our latest video that was just posted on YouTube. If you’re looking for a great Managed WordPress Hosting solution, then you’ll want to see the video for the top 5 things I like about WP Engine.

You can watch the video for the complete details. Here, I’ll summarize the five items that I talk about. Note: There are many more great features I like about WP Engine’s WordPress hosting. But, in the interest of time, these are the main points that separate WP Engine from other managed WordPress hosting solutions.

1. WP Engine Interface
While WP Engine’s control panel is text based rather than graphical, it’s still very intuitive and easy to use.

2. Automated and Snapshot Backups
Data backup and restore is a breeze with WP Engine. Not only do you get automated daily backups, but you can very easily generate a manual backup before you make any changes to your site.

3. Staging
With WP Engine’s staging feature, you can easily test out any changes or enhancements you plan to make on your live site by safely working on an exact copy of your website in the staging area before pushing out these changes into production.

4. Customer Support
Many web hosts claim to have expert WordPress support. However, WP Engine focuses solely on WordPress Hosting. I’ve always had excellent experiences when dealing with their support team.

5. Transferable Installs
WordPress developers and consultants will love the Transferable Installs and Billing Transfer features at WP Engine. These features allow you to focus more on creating great WordPress sites for your clients while letting WP Engine take care of some of the administrative work.

Click here for more information on WP Engine’s managed WordPress hosting.


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