Know your cPanel Email Features

cPanel Email Features

If you have a web hosting plan with the cPanel interface, you can easily access some great email functions. There is much more here than just creating your email account. In case you haven’t had the chance to go through all of the features, here’s a look at your email functionality available in cPanel.

Email Accounts – You’re probably familiar with this function. Here you can create your email accounts as well as set mailbox quotas and change passwords.

Webmail – With Webmail you can access your email with any browse that is connected to the internet.

BoxTrapper – You can use this feature to give you some protection from spam. With BoxTrapper, you set up a whitelist of email senders you trust. If someone isn’t on your whitelist, they’ll need to reply to a verification email before you can receive their messages.

SpamAssassin – SpamAssassin is another more in-depth tool for handling spam. Here you can set more detailed criteria to flag an email as spam. Messages detected as spam can either be automatically deleted or sent to a spam folder.

Forwarders – This feature allows you to automatically send a copy emails from one email address to another. You can also forward all email from one domain to another.

Auto Responders – If you’re out of the office or unavailable to access your email, you can set up an automatic message to be sent back when someone sends a message to this account. You can also use Auto Responders if you need to send out a generic reply message.

cPanel Email

User Level Filtering and Account Level Filtering – Filters allow you to search for certain content in an email address, subject, body, etc., and perform a predetermined action such as redirect the email somewhere else or send the email to a folder.

Email Trace – Use Email Trace to track the delivery route from your mail server.

Import Addresses/Forwarders – If you need to create a bunch of email addresses or forwarders for your account, you can use this feature to bulk upload entries from an Excel or CSV file.

Email Authentication – This is another spam prevention tool.

MX Entry Maintenance – With this feature you can specify which server receives email sent to a domain. You can also specify the priority that each server will receive the email.

That’s an overview of what you get in your cPanel email functions. Stay tuned for a more detailed look at some of these features.

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