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In case you haven’t heard already, according to Go Daddy, ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers) will make available many more new descriptive domain name extensions sometime this year. So now, instead of just .com, .net, .org, etc., you’ll also be able to choose extensions like .ads, .careers, .corp, .llc, .marketing, .services, .cash, .web, .music, .pizza, .health, .blackfriday, .coupons, and way too many others to mention.

Evidently, there will be several registration periods. Trademark owners will get priority to get their domains first, followed by a premium registration opportunity, and then general public availability. The reason given for the new onslaught of domain extensions is to make it easier to locate information online. It will be interesting to see just how it all works out. Personally, I’m skeptical on how much of a change we’ll see. A lot of the results will depend on how the search engines (Google) treat these new domain names. Will they totally change their algorithms to suit all these new domains? Will existing site owners really want to go out and purchase more domains?

Any major changes in domain name search results are bound to take some time. Sites that have been established for years—the .com, .net, .org sites—will certainly have more domain authority. So, I doubt they would go away or diminish any time soon. The real decision will be for those creating new websites. Will it be better to grab one of the new domain extensions or stick with the old standby .com? I suppose you could purchase both domains just in case.

Choosing a domain name extension has always been one of the big questions for those creating a new website. Now, it looks like it may get even trickier. To see more of what Go Daddy has to say on the subject, see their site page.

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