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Best cPanel Hosting 2023

Once you purchase your web hosting and start going about the process of building and growing your website, you’ll find yourself spending quite a bit of time working in your web hosting control panel. Your control panel is the place where you can install applications, set up email accounts and domains, backup your data, access …

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cPanel Security

cPanel Security Tools

Are you looking for some extra protection for your website? If you have a cPanel web hosting plan, there are a number of tools available to you for securing your site and online presence. If your web hosting company does not use cPanel, you probably still have these types of tools available; you’ll just need …

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Top 10 Web Hosting

Web Hosting Resource Page

In case you haven’t noticed yet, I’ve recently added a resource page to the site. There, you’ll find links to some free helpful functions you can use as you are getting ready to create and get your website hosted. You’ll be able to search for available domain names, test data center speeds, try out cPanel …

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