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Are you looking for some extra protection for your website? If you have a cPanel web hosting plan, there are a number of tools available to you for securing your site and online presence. If your web hosting company does not use cPanel, you probably still have these types of tools available; you’ll just need to access them in a different manner. If you do have cPanel, when you login you can scroll down to the Security section to access these tools.
cPanel Security

Password Protect Directories
To restrict certain areas of your website, you can use Password Protect Directories to require a username and password to access a certain folder from the web. Any subdirectories within that folder will also require the username and password.
cPanel Password Protect Directories

IP Deny Manager
If you want to prevent a certain visitor from accessing your site, you can enter their IP address in the IP Deny Manager to block access. You can block a specific IP address as well as a range of addresses. I’ve used this tool to successfully block out certain unwanted visitors. But keep in mind that someone could still use a proxy IP to try and get in.
cPanel IP Deny

Hotlink Protection
Sometimes people will try to steal your bandwidth by linking to the images on your website and displaying them elsewhere. With Hotlink Protection, you can block direct access to certain types of files (jpeg, gif, png, bmp). And you can also redirect these requests to a URL of your choice.
cPanel Hotlink Protection

Leech Protect
If you’ve password protected a certain area of your website, Leech Protect can prevent multiple logins from the same password. So, if someone has given out the password to others or it has been compromised, cPanel will disable the account and notify you via email.
cPanel Leech Protect

GnuPG Keys
You can use GnuPG Keys to encrypt messages using a public and private key.
cPanel GnuPG Keys

Modsec Manager
Modsec is a web application firewall that can block common website-based attacks.



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