Best Web Hosting Customer Support 2015

Best Web Hosting Customer Support 2015

Best Web Hosting Customer Support 2015

Here are the results from our 2015 live chat support response time testing. Live chat continues to be a popular option for web hosting customers needing to obtain assistance and support. In order to get a more complete picture of how each web hosting company performs, we tested each web host out at different times of the day (morning, afternoon, and night). Together with our past testing results, we can get a good representation of their live chat support performance.

Morning Live Chat Support Response Times
WP Engine: 3.88 Sec.
InMotion Hosting: 7.10 Sec.
GreenGeeks: 8.45 Sec.
Namecheap: 14.25 Sec.
SiteGround: 16.90 Sec.
WebHostingPad: 47.60 Sec.
HostGator: 58.77 Sec. 1 Min. 25.95 Sec.
GoDaddy: 5 Min. 11.96 Sec.
Web Hosting Hub: 5 Min. 48.13 Sec.
iPage: 8 Min. 27.01 Sec.
IX Web Hosting: 21 Min. 5.12 Sec.
JustHost: 25 Min. 43.61 Sec.
Bluehost: 28 Min. 30.83 Sec.

WP Engine totally shines with an amazing less than 4 seconds response time. InMotion Hosting posts its usual impressive time of just over 7 seconds. And, GreenGeeks also responds almost instantly with a response time of 8.45 seconds. At the other end, IX Web Hosting responds in a disappointing time of over 21 minutes, and JustHost/Bluehost continues its recent trend of long wait times.

Afternoon Live Chat Support Response Times
GreenGeeks: 6.18 Sec.
InMotion Hosting: 7.37 Sec.
Web Hosting Hub: 9.38 Sec. 10.86 Sec.
SiteGround: 16.33 Sec.
WP Engine: 19.90 Sec.
WebHostngPad: 24.63 Sec.
HostGator: 1 Min. 23.34 Sec.
Namecheap: 2 Min. 18.39 Sec.
Bluehost: 5 Min. 09. 7 Sec.
iPage: 6 Min. 26.85 Sec.
IX Web Hosting: 7 Min. 8.85 Sec.
GoDaddy: 17 Min. 46.59 Sec.
JustHost: 26 Min. 1.31 Sec.

GreenGeeks impresses with their afternoon response time followed closely by InMotion Hosting and Web Hosting Hub. At the bottom of the afternoon list are GoDaddy and JustHost which took the most time to respond.

Night Live Chat Support Response Times
InMotion Hosting: 8.10 Sec.
GreenGeeks: 8.18 Sec.
Web Hosting Hub: 9.16 Sec.
WP Engine: 13.43 Sec.
SiteGround: 19.20 Sec. 22.66 Sec.
HostGator: 4 Min. 10.97 Sec.
Bluehost: 10 Min. 10.11 Sec.
IX Web Hosting: 15 Min. 45.44 Sec.
GoDaddy: 15 Min. 51.83 Sec.
JustHost: 16 Min. 23.71 Sec.
iPage: 26 Min. 22.60 Sec.
Namecheap: Unavailable
WebHostingPad: Unavailable

InMotion Hosting responds the fastest at night with a time of just over 8 seconds, followed closely by GreenGeeks and Web Hosting Hub. At the bottom of the list, both WebHostingPad and Namecheap were unavailable via live chat at this time.

Best Overall Live Chat Support Times

InMotion Hosting: 7.52 Sec.

GreenGeeks: 7.60 Sec.

WP Engine: 12.40 Sec.

SiteGround: 17.48 Sec.

Overall, InMotion Hosting once again places first on our list. But I’m also pleased to see that most of the web hosts we tested seem to have made a genuine effort to improve their response times via live chat support.

While live chat is only part of a web hosting company’s overall support features, and your results may vary, I’m confident that the above data gives an accurate reading of which web hosts are providing the most responsive support via live chat.

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