SiteGround Preforming Major Upgrade to their Shared Hosting


SiteGround Shared Hosting Upgrade

SiteGround has been one of my favorite web hosting companies, and I’ve been very pleased with their service and support. But the big news is they have announced they are making some major upgrades to their Shared Hosting infrastructure that promise to improve performance even more. This major upgrade to their Shared Hosting will include not only better hardware but in fact a whole new infrastructure.

Linux Containers
SiteGround will now be using Linux Containers—a virtualization method—for their Shared Hosting platform. It provides more resources which can be used should your site encounter traffic spikes.

More Resources = Huge Performance Gains
One of the great benefits of the new upgrade will be increased performance due to the larger amount of resources available. SiteGround lists the following features:

  • 2 times more CPU power
  • 2 times more Memory resources
  • More than 4 x IOPS increase
  • More than 2 times read speed increase
  • More than 1.5 times write speed increase

Better Scalability with No Rebooting
With the new technology, SiteGround also says they’ll be able to replace a failed server and replicate the data much faster.

All Drives will be SSDs
SiteGround is also joining the group of web hosts now using solid state drives for faster performance. All of their drives will now be SSDs.

Faster Data Backup and Recovery
Another part of SiteGround’s upgrade plan is the improvement of their data backup and recovery. Their new in-house backup system will allow file systems to be copied and distributed across multiple servers. The data can then be restored from these servers simultaneously which will speed up the process.

Additionally, SiteGround has added Infiniband Networking which will further speed up backup and recovery operations. In fact, they say their new storage solution is 100 times faster than their current process.

Impressive Benchmarking Stats
Given that SiteGround is already currently providing excellent website performance, the new upgrade looks even more impressive and I’m eager to see how much their new infrastructure improves things for the sites I have hosted there. I will post results as soon as possible. In the meantime, here are some of SiteGround’s own benchmarking results.

SiteGround Upgrade Data

According to SiteGround, the new upgrade will take place over the next three to four months. All of their Shared Hosting customers with StartUp, GrowBig, and GoGeek hosting plans will be notified before the migration. You don’t have to do anything on your end except avoid uploading new content to prevent any data loss during the brief time your migration is actually taking place.

Click Here for More Information on SiteGround’s Shared Hosting


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