Why You Still Need a Blog in 2020


With the start of the new year and the new decade (more on that in a moment), you might be asking yourself if you still need a blog in 2020. While social media, video, and podcasting continues to grow in popularity, there are still many good reasons you should be blogging. We’ll explore those reasons in this article. But first, I want to briefly get back to 2020 and the new decade.

I recently saw a video with someone ranting about 2020 not being the start of a new decade. Whenever we have a zero-ending year, you’ll hear the intellectuals rant about it not being the start of a new decade but the ending to the prior one. The logic or reasoning for their rant is that since the calendar started with Year 1 not Year 0, the zero-ending year is the tenth year of that decade—not the first year of the new one.

They’re wrong. While I won’t disagree that we started with Year 1, since none of us was around then, and since nowadays when we talk about a decade, be it the ‘60s, ‘70s, ‘80s, ‘90s, etc., the year ending in zero is always included in that decade, for me 2020 is definitely the start of a New Decade!

Now back to our regularly scheduled programming: Why You Still Need a Blog in 2020.

The quick answer here is that the same advantages that a blog has always given you still apply in 2020. And in some cases, it’s even more important. Let’s explore the major benefits on having a blog.

  • Gives You the Most Control to Get Your Message Out
  • Gives You More Flexibility and Customization Options
  • Best Way to Increase Search Engine Traffic
  • Best Way to Professionally Promote Your Brand
  • Helps to Drive Traffic to eCommerce Sites

A Blog Gives You More Control

When you have your own blog, you don’t have nearly as many restrictions as you have with all the social media platforms. You can decide how best to present your message to your audience. Not only do you have more freedom to express your views, but more importantly you can promote your business or brand as much and in the way you want to (See more on promotion below).

A Blog Gives You More Flexibility

Along with control, blogging gives you much more flexibility in presenting your content. You can customize your blog and your blog posts exactly how you want and are not restricted by the format of any particular social media outlet. You can incorporate images, video, and audio in many more creative ways. And, you can also choose who else can contribute to your blog be it as a guest blogger or commenter.

Blogging is the Best Way to Increase Your Search Engine Traffic

In most cases, search engine traffic is still the most valuable to websites. It’s especially true for business sites that are selling products or services. While social media content has made some inroads to the search engines, blog posts are still much more prevalent and easier to rank in search engine results. Having your own blog gives you many more opportunities to drive traffic from Google and the other search engines to your website.

A Blog Allows You to Professionally Promote Your Brand

As I mentioned earlier, having your own blog provides more freedom and control over how you promote your business or brand. With your blog, you can professionally present yourself or your business to your audience. You can tailor the appearance and content of your blog to more precisely suit your target market.

A Blog Can Greatly Help Drive Traffic to Your eCommerce Site

While many people create a blog to share their personal views and experiences, a blog is also an excellent tool for businesses—especially eCommerce websites. Instead of just including mundane product descriptions, you can include a blog to more fully explore the benefits of your products. And, as we explored above, including a blog with your online store can greatly increase the traffic your eCommerce site receives from the search engines.

Start Your Blog Now!

If you’re thinking about starting a blog, just go for it. As you can probably tell, I’m a big proponent of blogging. And yes, you still need a blog in 2020! And if you need hosting for your blog, check out our guide here.

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