What Makes GreenGeeks a Top Web Hosting Choice for 2023

What Makes GreenGeeks a Top Web Hosting Choice

As we begin the new year, many of you might want to start off by creating a website for your new business or venture. If you’re looking for web hosting and aren’t familiar with GreenGeeks, you should be.

I’ve been a GreenGeeks customer for many years now and have personal experience with their excellent hosting platform. In this article, I want to highlight some of the ways you can benefit from choosing GreenGeeks. So, here are the top 10 reasons why GreenGeeks is a great web hosting choice.

Powered by 300% Renewable Energy

Let’s start with the most apparent reason separating GreenGeeks from the competition. They are definitely the industry leader when it comes to Green Web Hosting. Starting with their commitment to being powered by 300% renewable energy, and continuing with their partnership with the Bonneville Environmental Foundation, their hosting platform, and their business practices, GreenGeeks is the number one choice if want to help keep our environment cleaner while running your website. You can read more about GreenGeeks green hosting here.

LiteSpeed Web Servers and MariaDB Database Servers

Okay, now that we’ve covered green web hosting, let’s go over some specific features that will help you create and maintain a successful website.

While everyone agrees that speed is a key ingredient for website success, there can be a huge difference in how fast your site runs depending on your web host. Fast servers are something that GreenGeeks considers vital to their hosting customers. That’s why they include LiteSpeed web servers and MariaDB database servers to boost speed on both the front and back ends of your websites.

Hosting Account Isolation

With a shared hosting plan, you might be concerned about the other accounts on your server. However, GreenGeeks provides excellent hosting account isolation so you don’t have to worry about some other website on your web server affecting your sites.

Nightly Data Backups

The best security for your websites is data backup. Surprisingly though, not all web hosts offer free daily backups. Some hosting companies will back up your data at less frequent intervals, while others charge extra to back up your stuff.

With GreenGeeks, you get free nightly data backups, and they will also restore your data.

Pro-Active Security Monitoring

I mentioned security earlier, but with GreenGeeks you get much more than just automatic data backups. GreenGeeks includes pro-active security monitoring features with their hosting plans. Not only are potential issues identified before they become a problem, you also get real-time malware scanning and a secured file system.

Choose from 5 Data Centers

GreenGeeks Data Centers

With GreenGeeks, you aren’t stuck with one server location that may be far away from your location thereby decreasing site speeds. When you sign up with GreenGeeks, you can choose from their five data centers located in Phoenix AZ, Chicago IL, Toronto CN, Montreal CN, and Amsterdam NL.

Responsive Customer Support

Another reason I really like GreenGeeks (and why you will too) is their helpful and responsive customer support. Their live chat support is available 24/7, and I’m always impressed with their response times and issue resolution.

Easy-To-Use Account Management Dashboard

GreenGeeks Dashboard

GreenGeeks has continually made improvements to their account management dashboard interface and I think it’s one of the best out of all the hosting companies that I use.

The GreenGeeks control panel not only gives you easy and quick access to cPanel, you can also easily manage your domains and SSL certificates, access your support tickets, and migrate your website from somewhere else.

Global Sponsor of WordPress WordCamps

If you’re a WordPress user or you plan to use WordPress for your website, then GreenGeeks is definitely a great choice. WordPress hosting is another area that GreenGeeks really focuses on, and they not only provide excellent WordPress hosting features but they’re also a global sponsor of WordCamp conferences.

Committed to Customer Success

I’ve had the pleasure of speaking with GreenGeeks CEO Trey Gardner on a number of occasions, and what really stands out for me is how GreenGeeks strives to provide success for their web hosting customers. After all, that’s what it’s all about—providing the proper optimized hosting environment that allows GreenGeeks’ customers to create and maintain their websites for a successful business or personal venture.

*Affordable Web Hosting Plans

And, here’s a bonus reason for choosing GreenGeeks. Along with all the benefits above, they also offer some of the best priced web hosting plans that are jam packed with great features.

Currently, you can sign up for GreenGeeks hosting for only $2.95 mo. Click the image below for complete pricing details.

GreenGeeks Discount Pricing

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  1. I have a PHP VERSION 4+ guestbook, and it won’t “post”.

    If the support of any Host can fix them, I will move all my websites to them.

    Do you know any?

    1. Hi Henry,
      That’s a tricky one. Sorry, at this point I’m not sure about this. If I find a host, I’ll post it here.

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