Web Hosting Cat Podcast Season 3 Episode 4


What’s New at A2 Hosting: Ryan Flowers, Support Supervisor at A2

On this episode of the podcast, our friend Ryan Flowers returns to give us an update on all the new and exciting products and services at A2 Hosting. Ryan is the Support Supervisor at A2 Hosting, and customer support is one of the strengths of A2. I know from personal experience as Ryan and the Guru Crew definitely came through for me earlier this year when I needed some assistance.

But support is only one of the areas where A2 Hosting separates themselves from the competition. During our conversation, Ryan and I discuss the following features and services at A2 Hosting:

  • A2 Hosting’s New Data Center
  • Benefits of A2’s Managed WordPress Hosting
  • The Guru Crew Support Team at A2 Hosting
  • Linux Hosting vs Windows Hosting at A2
  • How A2 Optimizes their Shared Hosting Servers
  • A2 Hosting’s Quadruple Redundant Network and Security Features
  • How to Test A2 Hosting’s Data Center Speeds

For more details on any of the topics we discussed on the podcast, visit the A2 Hosting website.

Here are the links to my A2 Hosting Reviews:

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This podcast episode has been archived and is now available on YouTube.

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