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Updated October 2021


Earlier this year, when WP Engine acquired StudioPress, we reported that WP Engine would be including the Genesis Framework themes with their Managed WordPress Hosting plans. And indeed, now when you sign up at WP Engine, you get access to excellent StudioPress themes you can use for your WordPress websites.

Why StudioPress Themes are Considered the Best

StudioPress themes have a great clean look and can be easily customized using widgets and Genesis plugins. However, the main reason that many in the WordPress community consider StudioPress themes the best is the way they are constructed and coded. Besides being based on the solid Genesis Framework, the StudioPress child themes are some of the most efficiently designed themes available.

And because you avoid having bloated themes, your website can run faster and more effectively.

Here’s the Best Part

The combination of WP Engine’s managed WordPress platform, their expert WordPress support, and now the inclusion of StudioPress themes, makes WP Engine the ultimate choice if you’re looking for the best premium hosting solution for your WordPress websites.

Now, you may be wondering what happens if you decide later on to move your website somewhere else. Well, that’s the best part of this new StudioPress inclusion. Your theme goes with you, so you can continue using it even if you move to another host.

Are There Any Disadvantages to Using StudioPress Themes?

Having used StudioPress themes myself for years, I can honestly report that there are no real disadvantages. The only reasons you may want to opt for another type of theme are one, if you really want a drastically different looking theme for your website. When it comes to appearance, the StudioPress themes do have a somewhat similar look to them. And two, if there may be a certain functionality that isn’t readily available using a StudioPress theme. For example, some of Envato’s ThemeForest WordPress themes contain some unique sidebar and widget functionality. However, in most cases you can find a StudioPress theme that is a great fit for your site.

What Specific Themes Do You Get with WP Engine?

UPDATE 2021: StudioPress has now revamped the way they are selling their Genesis Framework themes. They are no longer selling individual themes. You must purchase the Genesis Pro package to get access to all of the StudioPress themes. Also, they are no longer selling third-party themes—although you can still purchase them directly from the respective developer.

Along with the change at StudioPress, WP Engine has changed their StudioPress offerings. Your WP Engine hosting plan now includes 10 StudioPress themes along with the Genesis Framework. The following themes are included:

  • Genesis Sample Theme
  • Altitude Pro Theme
  • Authority Pro Theme
  • Breakthrough Pro Theme
  • Essence Pro Theme
  • Infinity Pro Theme
  • Magazine Pro Theme
  • Monochrome Pro Theme
  • Navigation Pro Theme
  • Revolution Pro Theme

Free Themes with WP Engine Hosting
Free Themes with WP Engine Hosting
Free Themes with WP Engine Hosting
Free Themes with WP Engine Hosting

For more details on the free StudioPress themes you get with WP Engine, visit their website here

For specific information on all of the StudioPress themes based on the Genesis Framework, visit

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