The New TLDs are Finally Here

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After many months of promoting the new, more descriptive domain name extensions (and the subsequent pre-registration processes put in place for obtaining these new TLDs), some of the well-known domain registrars and web hosts are now selling these new domain names. However, as of now only a very small subset of the promised hundreds of new TLDs are actually available to order—most are still in the pre-registration phase.

Taking a look at three top domain name registrars (Go Daddy, 1&1, and Namecheap) yielded some interesting information about these new TLDs. First, expect to pay more for domains with these extensions than your standard .com, .net, or .org—in some cases, quite a bit more. Also, it appears that when the new domains are first released, the prices are significantly higher (supposedly for the increased demand). And, I was surprised to find some pretty big variations in price between the domain registrars.

The current batch of new domain extensions available for purchase include .photography, .guru, .clothing, .bike, and .ventures. See the comparison list below for the other new TLDs currently available. Of course the big question is: How will all of these new domain extensions affect search engine results? Nobody knows for sure. Many people, including myself, are skeptical about how great the impact will be when using one of these new domains. On the other hand, if you’re creating a new website in the future and find a new TLD that perfectly fits your niche, it might be a good idea to go ahead and get that domain name—you’ll then be ready for any potential search engine changes down the road.

Here is a list of the new domains I’ve seen for sale and their respective prices as of now (keep in mind they may have changed by the time you’re reading this post). Interestingly, Namecheap is offering the most new TLDs at this time (21). Go Daddy and 1&1 Hosting are only offering a handful of the new extensions at this time.

See the Latest Details on the New TLDs Here:

Click Here for Go Daddy

Click Here for 1&1 Hosting

Click Here for Namecheap

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