Best ChatGPT WordPress Plugins

Best ChatGPT WordPress Plugins

How can you combine the power of ChatGPT with the benefits of WordPress? In this article, we take a look at the Best ChatGPT WordPress Plugins.

ChatGPT is totally in the spotlight now as AI technology promises to be a big game changer for content creators and bloggers. While the technology is still new, and isn’t perfect, OpenAI and ChatGPT give you the ability to generate articles and images instantly and with minimal effort on your part. And, while some might think of ChatGPT as a replacement for WordPress websites, I think the better strategy is to utilize both ChatGPT and WordPress to create an even better blog or website. Here’s how.

Benefits of AI Content Generation

Because of the speed at which AI can generate content, you can much more easily reach your goal of creating all of your blog posts and website articles that all of the SEO experts recommend for better search engine rankings in Google. And with ChatGPT (and many other AI content generators), you can get started free with a trail or no cost account.

Now, that doesn’t mean you can just let ChatGPT spit out something and immediately post it on your site. ChatGPT definitely isn’t perfect—especially at this stage. I recommend that you not only proofread everything, but also add your own viewpoints and experience to the articles. However, the benefits of using ChatGPT certainly outweigh the negatives.

How to Use AI with WordPress

While all AI content generators will let you export or copy your output so you can add it to your WordPress websites, some actually have plugins that allow you to access AI from within your WordPress dashboard. With the enormous interest and popularity of ChatGPT, there are currently a bunch of plugins that will let you leverage the power of OpenAI and ChatGPT with WordPress.

Here are currently some of my favorite WordPress plugins for ChatGPT.

Top WordPress ChatGPT Plugins

Note that with all of these plugins, you will need your OpenAI Key for activation. If you don’t yet have one, you can create it for free on the OpenAI website.

AI Engine

AI Engine

AI Engine by Jordy Meow is definitely one of my favorite ChatGPT plugins for WordPress. AI Engine lets you easily generate blog articles from within your WordPress dashboard. Your content is generated quickly, and then it creates a blog post within WordPress. You can then save it as a draft, proofread, and add your own takes and viewpoints to it before publishing.

AI Engine Content Generator
AI Engine Dashboard

And, you can also generated images with AI Engine.

GPT AI Power

GPT AI Power

GPT AI Power by Senol Sahin is another good WordPress plugin you can use for ChatGPT. With GPT AI Power, you can specify your article criteria (including SEO and image criteria), then click the button and see the progress of your content being created. The process takes a bit longer than with AI Engine (see above), but the results are equally impressive. And, with GPT AI Power, you can generate your blog post image at the same time rather that having to run an extra step.

GPT AI Power Blog Generator
GPT AI Power Interface

AI Writing Assistant

AI Content Writing Assistant

AI Writing Assistant by Rayhan Kabir is another good plugin for incorporating the power of ChatGPT with WordPress. AI Writing Assistant is very easy to use. You can watch the content generation process as your article is being created, then copy and paste it into your WordPress post. AI Writing Assistant also has a feature to generate images.

AI Writing Assistant Blog Generator
AI Writing Assistant Blog Generator
AI Writing Assistant Image Generator
AI Writing Assistant Image Generator

Content Bot

Content Bot

Content Bot is another easy to use WordPress plugin that lets you leverage the power of ChatGPT with the WordPress blogging platform.

Content Bot Blog Generator
Content Bot Blog Generator

CopyCraft (WooCommerce)


Whether it’s for help with product descriptions or other content related to E-commerce websites, ChatGPT can also assist you with your online store creation. With the CopyCraft plugin by Tectonic, you can use ChatGPT to help you with your WooCommerce websites.

Alternatives to ChatGPT

While ChatGPT has tremendous potential, as I mentioned earlier, the output you get isn’t always ideal for your purposes. Currently, I think ChatGPT is a great starting point for those of you looking to incorporate AI technology into your content creation. However, there are also some better alternatives in my opinion. I recently published an article on the Best AI Content Generators that you should check out if you’re really interested in AI content creators.

Particularly for blog content, I like GoCharlie, Copymatic, and Jasper. They, like all of AI technology, are continually updating and improving their results—seemingly on a daily basis!

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