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Everyone is using social media to promote themselves these days—and web hosting companies are no exception. Though I certainly wouldn’t base my chose of web hosting by social media popularity, it nonetheless is interesting to see how each web host is utilizing or not utilizing social media outlets like Facebook and Twitter.

Not surprisingly, those web hosting companies that use many other forms of media advertising like Go Daddy have a much larger following. Some web hosts prefer to tweet out about support issues and promotional information while other companies use Facebook to post more general interest stuff like the various events they attend.

Anyway, here’s a sampling of the social media following of web hosting companies as of January 11, 2013:

Bluehost – 22,561 Likes
DreamHost – 4,675 Likes
Go Daddy – 185,188 Likes
Hostgator – 18,999 Likes
InMotion – 2,700 Likes

Bluehost – 3,096 Followers
DreamHost – 21,349 Followers
Go Daddy – 161,987 Followers
Hostgator – 35,369 Followers
InMotion – 5,250 Followers
iPage – 2,454 Followers

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