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Implementing SSL for your website has been growing in importance for several years now. At one time, SSL was considered a necessity only for eCommerce sites. However, with Google putting more importance on websites utilizing https, SSL should now be implemented with all types of websites. In fact, SSL will soon be even more important as Google will begin labeling websites that collect personal data without https as unsecure.

In the past, one of the biggest drawbacks to implementing SSL (especially for new websites) has been the cost—in some cases $100 or more yearly. However, with Let’s Encrypt SSL certificates, you can utilize https without any additional costs.

What is Let’s Encrypt SSL?
The ISRG (Internet Security Research Group) is a non-profit organization that is providing Let’s Encrypt SSL/TLS certificates free as a way to establish a more secure web. Let’s Encrypt runs a certificate management agent on a web server to automate the process of getting a browser trusted certificate—without the need for human intervention.

How Does Let’s Encrypt Compare to Paid SSL Certificates Such as Comodo, etc.?
Let’s Encrypt certificates are great if you simply need SSL for your single domain website. There are no changes in the encryption process. What you need to keep in mind is that Let’s Encrypt does not offer wildcard or extended validation (EV) options. In these cases, you would need to opt for a certificate from companies such as Comodo, GeoTrust, etc.

While free Let’s Encrypt SSL certificates may not be the perfect fit for everyone, for many new website owners, it’s the ideal way to secure their websites economically.

Web Hosting Companies Currently Offering Let’s Encrypt SSL
Currently, only certain web hosting companies are providing Let’s Encrypt SSL certificates. However, the list is growing and includes the following web hosts.

A2 Hosting
WP Engine

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