7 Services You Might Not Know Your Web Host Offers

Web Hosting Services

While you might be aware that you can get several different types of hosting (Shared, VPS, Dedicated, etc.) as well as domain names from your web hosting company, here are some addition services that certain web hosts also offer which can be extremely beneficial.

1. Website Design

Hub Web Design
Sure, you can build your own website or hire an outside company to do your design work. But many web hosting companies are offering website design services in addition to their hosting plans. They can perform the type of custom web design your business site may require—including Ecommerce work. Web Hosting Hub and Lunarpages are just two of the many web hosts offering web design services.

2. Cloud Computing and Storage

Most people have heard about the cloud. But if your website requires additional storage and resources, cloud services can be just the right solution. With cloud computing, you get additional resources when needed and they are released for others to use when not needed—often making it a more economical option. And cloud storage can be a great secure and scalable storage solution. While not all web hosts provide cloud solutions, it is a growing trend. DreamHost has one of the most extensive selections of cloud computing services including their DreamObjects Cloud Storage and DreamCompute Public Cloud Computing. 1&1 Hosting is another place you can find cloud servers.

3. SEO

InMotion Hosting SEO
Search engine optimization is a constantly changing, ever evolving task that all website owners need to address. There are many tools and services available to help you out. And one of the best places to help you get started could be your web hosting company. Quite a few web hosts are now providing additional SEO services or products to help your website get better rankings. InMotion Hosting provides SEO assistance with their web design services, while GoDaddy offers a totally separate Search Engine Visibility package that is very affordable.

4. Marketing

GoDaddy Marketing
In addition to focusing on getting the search engines to recognize your website, it’s equally important to publicize your site in other areas such as social media and online directories. GoDaddy also features a Get Found package that helps market your business through social media channels as well as online review sites. iPage offers their My Marketing Services product that can assist you with website traffic and advertising.

5. Merchant Account/Payment Gateway

Lunarpages Payment Gateway
If you’re going to have an Ecommerce site, you’ll need a way to process online payments. In the past, you had to go to a bank to set up a merchant account or use a third party service for a payment gateway to accept credit card payments. These days, you can even have your web host assist you. IX Web Hosting and Lunarpages are two web hosting companies that offer merchant account/payment gateway setups.

6. Website Moving

Moving your website from one hosting company to another isn’t as big of a hassle as it once was. Most web hosts will provide tips and advice on moving your site over. And, some hosting companies, such as IX Web Hosting and HostGator, offer specific services for transferring your website to their hosting plan.

7. Reseller Hosting

InMotion Reseller Hosting
Reseller hosting allows you to sell web hosting yourself—in essence, it’s like having your own web hosting company. Now, I wouldn’t suggest you try to compete with all the established web hosts out there. But, what reseller hosting can be great for is as an add on to your main business. For example, if you have a web design company, you could bundle and sell web hosting together with your website design work to boost your revenue. InMotion Hosting and Bluehost are two web hosting companies that offer excellent reseller hosting options.

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