Is Fat Cow Good?

Fat Cow Good

At first glance, Fat Cow looks like a good hosting deal. And for some, it may work out all right going with them. Unfortunately, my experience with Fat Cow was not a good one at all. It started right when I signed up. For some reason, they pre-selected some add-on services that I didn’t need or want, so my hosting bill was much more than I had thought it would be. Trying to cancel these additional services was also a hassle. If I recall correctly, it took multiple complaints to the support department to get it straightened out.

Speaking of support, I was definitely very dissatisfied with Fat Cow’s support team. First off, it seemed to take quite a while to get connected to a tech support person via live chat. And, when I finally got one online, they did not seem very knowledgeable. During one memorable encounter which I’ve written about before, the support guy literally put me on hold every time I asked even a simple question!

I also found Fat Cow’s hosting interface not especially intuitive. As I recall, trying to install multiple WordPress sites was a little confusing.

Needless to say, I wound up canceling my account with Fat Cow within the refund period.

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