Pressable vs Media Temple (2021)


Trying to decide between Pressable and Media Temple? In this comparison of Pressable vs Media Temple, we’ll break down their respective WordPress hosting plans and see how they stack up against each other. While Media Temple offers premium hosting for different platforms (including WordPress), Pressable focuses completely on WordPress hosting. Let’s see how Pressable’s managed WordPress hosting compares with Media Temple’s managed WordPress hosting plans.

Pressable vs Media Temple Details

The Winner

CategoryPressablepressableMedia TempleMedia TempleComments
SetupWinner Pressable’s website provisioning time is excellent.
Control PanelWinner Pressable’s control panel is simple and easy to use.
Data Centers WinnerMedia Temple has data centers on both the east and west coasts of the U.S.
Website SpeedWinner See Below
Security FeaturesWinner Pressable includes malware scanning and removal, integrity checks, and intrusion detection.
Data Backup and RestoreWinner Pressable includes two data backup and restore methods.
Automatic UpdatesWinnerWinnerTie. Both include automatic WordPress updates.
Network Winner 
WordPress DevelopmentWinner Pressable includes website cloning, development and production modes, as well as the ability to grant collaborator access.
SSLWinner With Pressable you get free Let’s Encrypt SSL.
Staging WinnerMedia Temple provides true website staging.
Customer Support WinnerMedia Temple offers 24×7 chat support. See Below
Money Back Guarantee WinnerMedia Temple includes 30 Day Money Back Guarantee.
Price/ValueWinner Pressable allows you to host more websites and includes more features.

Website Speed and Performance

Overall, we like the speed and performance we received from Pressable over Media Temple. In some cases, it was difficult testing between the two because Media Temple does not include SSL with their hosting plans, therefore we didn’t have a level playing field. However, because of their server-side optimizations and caching, Pressable is the winner in this category.

Website Staging

Website staging is one category where Media Temple is definitely the winner. Media Temple provides a true website staging platform that is very easy to use. Pressable currently only provides a development and production mode where your caching and CDN are disabled during development. Because Pressable lacks a true staging platform, Media Temple is the winner here.

Data Backup and Restore

Pressable and Media Temple both provide adequate backup and restore systems, and it’s a close call here. Media Temple includes automatic daily backup with easy restore. However, they don’t currently include any type of snapshot backup feature. Pressable provides two backup methods with your hosting plan. You can use Jetpack that is included at no extra charge, or you can use the backup system from your control panel—but be aware that you need an account at Amazon or Rackspace.

Because Pressable provides multiple backup options, they get a slight edge here.

Customer Support

Both Pressable and Media Temple provide excellent customer support. In Media Temple’s case, the support has greatly improved in recent times—both in terms of responsiveness and effectiveness. Pressable provides dedicated WordPress support that is also responsive and helpful.

Although both Pressable and Media Temple offer phone, email, and live chat support, Pressable’s live chat is not currently available 24×7. Therefore in this category, Media Temple is the winner.


  • Personal ($25 mo.)
    5 Websites/100GB Storage
  • Starter ($45 mo.)
    10 Websites/Unlimited Storage
  • Pro ($90 mo.)
    20 Websites/Unlimited Storage
  • Agency ($225 mo.)
    50 Websites/Unlimited Storage

Data Centers: Texas, USA
Free Domain?: No
Money Back Guarantee: 15 Day Trial

Advantages of Pressable

  • Development/Production Mode Feature
  • Website Cloning for Faster Site Creation
  • Content Delivery Network
  • Free Let’s Encrypt SSL Certificates
  • Collaborator Access Ability
  • Server Side Optimization
  • Malware Scanning and Removal
  • Jetpack Premium
  • Dedicated WordPress Support

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Media Temple
Media Temple

  • Personal ($20 mo.)
    2 Websites/50GB Storage
  • Pro ($60 mo.)
    10 Websites/200GB Storage

Data Centers: El Segundo, CA and Ashburn, VA
Free Domain?: Yes (Pro Plan)
Money Back Guarantee: 30 Days

Advantages of Media Temple

  • True Staging Environment
  • 30 Day Backup and Restore
  • Security Monitoring plus DDoS Protection
  • Git Version Control
  • WP Easy Mode includes Themes and Stock Photography

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While Pressable and Media Temple both offer advantages in certain areas, Media Temple’s lack of free SSL with all of their managed WordPress hosting plans is huge, and in fact a deal breaker in this case. Combined with the fact that Pressable is well-suited for hosting all types of WordPress websites, in this comparison the overall winner is Pressable. See our Pressable review ratings below.

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