Pressable vs DreamPress (2021)


In this comparison of Pressable vs DreamPress, we’ll see which one is the better choice for managed WordPress hosting. DreamHost is one of the hosting companies recommended by, and they have continually improved their DreamPress WordPress product since its debut. However, Pressable has become one of the more impressive WordPress hosting options. So, let’s see how Pressable and DreamPress really match up and which one is better for your WordPress sites.

Pressable vs DreamPress Details

The Winner

SetupWinner Pressable’s website provisioning time is excellent.
Control PanelWinner Pressable’s control panel is simple and easy to use.
Data Centers WinnerDreamHost has data centers in 3 different locations of the U.S.
Website SpeedWinner See Below
Security FeaturesWinner Pressable includes malware scanning and removal, integrity checks, and intrusion detection.
Data Backup and RestoreWinner Pressable includes two data backup and restore methods.
Automatic UpdatesWinnerWinnerTie. Both include automatic WordPress updates.
Network Winner 
WordPress DevelopmentWinner Pressable includes website cloning, development and production modes, as well as the ability to grant collaborator access.
SSLWinnerWinnerTie. Both provide free SSL Certificates.
StagingWinner Neither provides true staging, but Pressable provides Development/Production modes. See Below.
Customer Support WinnerDreamHost offers 24×7 support. See Below
Money Back Guarantee WinnerDreamHost includes 30 Day Money Back Guarantee.
Price/ValueWinner Pressable allows you to host more websites and includes more features.

Website Speed and Performance

It’s a close call when comparing Pressable and DreamPress. Website speed is very good, and almost identical in some regions. Pressable has definitely optimized their servers and environment for WordPress, and DreamHost includes Memcached, Varnish, and OPcache with DreamPress.

Overall, Pressable was just a bit faster than DreamPress. But again, the difference was minimal. However, we’ll give Pressable a slight edge here.

Website Staging

Unfortunately, true website staging is not included with either Pressable or DreamPress. Pressable does provide the ability to switch between development and production modes, where your caching and CDN are disabled during development and testing. It isn’t really a fully functioning staging platform, but it is more than you get with DreamPress, which includes no staging of any kind.

So, in this category Pressable is the winner.

Data Backup and Restore

Both Pressable and DreamPress provide data backups through Jetpack—which is included with both of their hosting plans. Additionally, with Pressable you also have the option to enable data backups through your control panel, however you will also need to create an Amazon or Rackspace account.

Because they offer multiple backup methods, Pressable is the winner here.

Customer Support

DreamHost has greatly improved their support with DreamPress since my initial testing of it. In fact, they’re probably the most improved managed WordPress host with regards to customer support. Response time has been greatly improved, and the support agents are on point. And, DreamHost customer support is available 24×7 by phone, email, or live chat.

Pressable also provides expert WordPress support, and I’ve also been pleased with the results. However, they currently do not offer 24×7 support via live chat. Therefore, in this category, DreamPress is the winner.


  • Personal ($25 mo.)
    5 Websites/100GB Storage
  • Starter ($45 mo.)
    10 Websites/Unlimited Storage
  • Pro ($90 mo.)
    20 Websites/Unlimited Storage
  • Agency ($225 mo.)
    50 Websites/Unlimited Storage

Data Centers: Texas, USA
Free Domain?: No
Money Back Guarantee: 15 Day Trial

Advantages of Pressable

  • Development/Production Mode Feature
  • Website Cloning for Faster Site Creation
  • Content Delivery Network
  • Free Let’s Encrypt SSL Certificates
  • Collaborator Access Ability
  • Server Side Optimization
  • Malware Scanning and Removal
  • Jetpack Premium
  • Dedicated WordPress Support

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  • Basic ($16.95 mo.)
    1 Website/5GB Storage
  • Plus ($24.95 mo.)
    1 Website/10GB Storage
  • Advanced ($35.95 mo.)
    3 Websites/15GB Storage

Data Centers: Irvine, CA; Ashburn, VA; and Hillsboro, OR
Free Domain?: No
Money Back Guarantee: 30 Days

Advantages of DreamPress

  • Cloud Platform
  • Resource Scaling for Traffic Spikes
  • Daily Malware Scanning and Repair (Not Included with Basic Plan)
  • Premium WordPress Themes (Not Included with Basic Plan)
  • Concierge Phone Support (Not Included with Basic Plan)

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DreamPress has made great strides recently in providing a premium hosting option for WordPress sites. If you’re only looking for hosting for a single site, then I would probably pick DreamPress between these two hosts. However, because Pressable is well-suited for all types of WordPress installations (from single sites to agencies), they are the winner in this comparison.

Pressable is particularly better suited for multiple WordPress website requirements. So overall, I would recommend Pressable over DreamPress. See our Pressable review ratings below.

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