Looking for an Honest Web Hosting Review Site? Here’s Why You Should Trust Us!


I know. There are tons of web hosting review sites out there. And very often, it’s hard to tell which one you can trust. You’re probably wondering whether the reviews are real or if that site is just trying to make a sale. Well, the other day something occurred that proves to me that you can definitely trust us when it comes to web hosting reviews and comparisons.

Since I founded this website (WebHostingCat.com) almost six years ago now, I’ve strived to provide honest web hosting reviews and comparisons based on my own personal experiences as well as our case study testing. But don’t just take my word for it; take your cue from the hosting companies themselves. What do I mean? Read on to find out.

Earlier this year, we published our updated recommendation study on the Best Managed WordPress Hosting providers. The web hosting companies we included were WP Engine, SiteGround, InMotion Hosting, Liquid Web, A2 Hosting, Pressable, DreamHost, and Media Temple. I only list them here to let you know the hosting company I’m about to discuss isn’t included in the above group. I really don’t want to call them out by name, but their company starts with a K.

Anyway, this particular web hosting company (Starting with a K) apparently saw our study and fired off an email to me wanting to know why they weren’t included and touting why they were so good. What got me was the tone of the email message—kind of like, “How dare you not include us!”

Fast forward to this month, I decided to include this hosting company in some of our upcoming content. However, they rejected our site because it didn’t meet their requirements. What exactly did that mean? They state three reasons why they won’t associate with you: 1. They don’t accept websites without their own domain. Well, that can’t be the reason—it’s WebHostingCat.com! 2. They don’t accept websites far out of their niche. Hmmm, let’s see, web hosting—I think that would kind of be in their wheelhouse don’t you? Or 3. No inappropriate or adult content. Again, that certainly doesn’t apply to us.

So now I had to do some thinking. What could the reason be that they don’t like us? Well, this hosting company says that they consider each website individually. Could the reason they rejected us possibly be that we tell people both the good and the bad stuff about the web hosts we cover? Could it be that we tell it like it is and if something sucks, we definitely report it? Could it be that they don’t like honest web hosting review sites? Certainly seems like that’s the reason this particular hosting company (starting with a K) didn’t care to associate with us.

Well, that’s fine. If they don’t want honest reviews, then we don’t need them either! There are plenty of other web hosting companies we can spend our time on reviewing. But I just wanted to pass along the thought to you. If some web hosting companies don’t want to associate with us because we’re too honest, then maybe that’s a sign for those of you looking to buy your web hosting that you should use us as your web hosting review source and follow our advice.

Just a thought from someone who has been writing about web hosting for almost 10 years now!

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