Liquid Web vs Pressable (2021)


Which managed WordPress hosting provider is better: Liquid Web or Pressable? These two web hosts are both making great strides in establishing their presence in the WordPress hosting field. In this comparison of Liquid Web vs Pressable, we’ll take a look at how they match up head to head in all of the important areas of managed WordPress hosting.

Liquid Web vs Pressable Details

The Winner

CategoryLiquid WebLiquid WebPressablepressableComments
Setup WinnerPressable’s website provisioning time is excellent.
Control PanelWinnerWinnerTie. Both control panels are simple and easy to use.
Data CentersWinner Liquid Web has data centers in multiple locations.
Website SpeedWinner See Below
Security Features WinnerPressable includes malware scanning and removal, integrity checks, and intrusion detection.
Data Backup and RestoreWinner Liquid Web provides automated daily backups that are stored offsite. Also, you can run a manual backup whenever you need.
Automatic UpdatesWinner Liquid Web not only includes automated WordPress core updates, they also update your plugins.
WordPress DevelopmentWinner Liquid Web includes developer tools, staging, and iThemes Sync Pro.
SSLWinnerWinnerTie. Both provide Free Let’s Encrypt SSL.
Resources Winner 
StagingWinner Liquid Web includes true website staging. See Below.
Customer SupportWinner Liquid Web offers 24×7 expert WordPress support. See Below
Money Back GuaranteeWinner Pro-rated Refund.
Price/Value Winner 

Website Speed and Performance

Liquid Web and Pressable both provide the type of excellent website speed and performance you would expect from premium managed WordPress hosting providers. My experience with both web hosts was very positive, and our testing results were extremely close between these two. Overall, Liquid Web posted slightly faster results, so they get the edge in this category—but it’s very close.

Website Staging

Website staging is in interesting feature when comparing Liquid Web and Pressable. Of the two, Liquid Web has the more true staging platform. But while you can easily create a staging copy of your site, it isn’t as easy moving your changes back to your live website—you need to use Liquid Web’s migration plugin. On the other hand, Pressable doesn’t really have true staging platform, although you can switch your website from development mode to production, and back again. But here, your content delivery network and caching are disabled during development. It’s a nice feature, but not as good as having a real staging environment.

For website staging, Liquid Web is the winner.

Data Backup and Restore

Liquid Web and Pressable both provide data backup features. But here, Liquid Web is definitely the winner. They have one of the best backup and restore platforms that I’ve ever used. Along with automatic daily backups, you can easily create a manual backup when you need to. And, restoring or downloading a copy of your data is also a breeze.

Meanwhile, Pressable provides two methods for backing up and restoring your websites—neither of which is ideal. If you want to use the backup feature in the control panel, you need an account at Amazon or Rackspace. You can also back up your data via Jetpack that is included with your hosting plan.

When it comes to data backup and restore, I definitely prefer Liquid Web’s implementation. They are the clear winner in this category.

Customer Support

Comparing the customer support at Liquid Web and Pressable is a very close call. While they both have effective support teams, I would give Pressable the edge in terms of responsiveness and helpfulness. However, currently they don’t have 24×7 live chat support, which is very important to me. Liquid Web does offer 24 hour live chat support, and for the most part they are also responsive and helpful, although they’re support team isn’t quite as consistent as Pressable.

While neither situation is perfect, because they do provide 24×7 support, Liquid Web gets the advantage here.

Liquid Web


  • Personal ($29 mo.)
    1 Website/20GB Storage
  • Freelance ($69 mo.)
    4 Websites/40GB Storage
  • Professional ($99 mo.)
    10 Websites/100GB Storage
  • Business ($149 mo.)
    25 Websites/150GB Storage

Data Centers: Lansing, Michigan; Phoenix, AZ; Amsterdam, EUR
Free Domain?:: No
Money Back Guarantee: Pro-Rated

Advantages of Choosing Liquid Web:

  • Specialize in Upscale Managed Hosting
  • Automatic Plugin Updates
  • 100% Uptime Guarantee
  • Auto Image Compression
  • Manage Multiple Sites with iThemes Sync
  • iThemes Security Pro
  • No Pageview Limits
  • Automatic Daily Backups Stored Offsite for 30 Days
  • Full Server Access

Click Here to See More Details on Liquid Web


  • Personal ($25 mo.)
    5 Websites/100GB Storage
  • Starter ($45 mo.)
    10 Websites/Unlimited Storage
  • Pro ($90 mo.)
    20 Websites/Unlimited Storage
  • Agency ($225 mo.)
    50 Websites/Unlimited Storage

Data Centers: Texas, USA
Free Domain?: No
Money Back Guarantee: 15 Day Trial

Advantages of Pressable

  • Development/Production Mode Feature
  • Website Cloning for Faster Site Creation
  • Content Delivery Network
  • Collaborator Access Ability
  • Server Side Optimization
  • Malware Scanning and Removal
  • Jetpack Premium
  • Dedicated WordPress Support

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For premium managed WordPress hosting, both Liquid Web and Pressable are quality choices. Based on our results above, in this comparison we would recommend Liquid Web—especially for mission-critical websites. We also like Liquid Web for WordPress developers, consultants, and agencies. If you’re on a tighter budget, then you may want to opt for Pressable—as they offer lower prices for multiple website hosting. However, in most cases for this comparison, Liquid Web is the winner. See our Liquid Web review ratings below.

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